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Batman: Arkham Knight Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight

Gotham City in the open world of Batman: Arkham Knight is a place full of enchantment, but also a place of fear. Man-Bat lurks on rooftops, thugs with a thick train of armored tanks roam the streets, and what’s left of the population lives in fear of an attack. Scarecrow’s series chemistry.

Take time

Cloaking and shielding are empowering, so there’s always a sense of temptation to head into battle and persevere through story missions until the end.

Batman: Arkham Knight is a game worth enjoying, and if you’re neglecting the side quests, you’re missing out on some valuable content and important upgrade points.

Patience is also key to beating most missions, and you should always look before you jump, survey the area in Detective Mode to determine which enemies you should be most alert to, and identify parts of the environment field that can be used to your advantage.

Try not to button-bash – Batman: Arkham Knight

The Arkham games take the art of combat almost as seriously as League of Shadows. They reward time and precision and frown at the press of a button.

The secret to mastering Arkham Knight’s freestyle combat is timing your attacks, counters, and moves correctly – that way you’ll emerge from battle with more health and massive experience gains than.

If the opportunity presents itself, initiate combos from flight using the Batclaw, as spinning with a quick sequence is the best way to start a brawl.

Target the medic first

If you notice that you have to take out the same group of enemies more than once, it could be because there is a nasty medic in their ranks who is resurrecting his dead friends.

This is another reason why it’s important to survey the scene in Detective Mode before taking it down. If you spot someone first, taking him down should be your number one priority.

Later in the game, Batman acquires a device that disables an enemy’s healing abilities, but before that, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Remote Hacking Device – Batman: Arkham Knight

The remote hacking device is one of the most versatile items in Batman’s utility belt, and you should try to use it wherever you go.

It can be used to destroy all kinds of electronic items, from robotic arms that startle nearby enemies, to energy cells that emit an electrical explosion when attacked.

Tapping into drones is even more rewarding, by pointing out a drone operator and getting close enough to him, Batman is able to take control of his drone and use it to destroy all enemies in the room.

Underfloor passages

Stealth has always been your closest ally in the Arkham series, and that has never been more true than in Batman: Arkham Knight.

A new environment feature will help you take down unsuspecting enemies in Arkham Knight – wall slides lead to subterranean passages where Batman can spawn for silent takedowns.

This is a great way to go from a vantage point to get up close and personal with your prey. Just remember that you are not hidden while in these crawl spaces.