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Battlefield 2042 – The best Specialists to use – Game Guide

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

Instead of following the same class system seen in previous games, Battlefield 2042 leans more in the direction of games like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege with characters known as the Specialists. As you deploy, you will no longer choose from roles such as assault or reconnaissance. You will choose one of ten Specialists, each with their own unique abilities.

Best Specialists to use

Please explain what defines these new characters. Each of them has an active ability as well as a passive strength, both of which are intended to stick well together. For example, the Dozer carries a ballistic shield into battle and is also resistant to explosion damage. 

Combined, these make him a tougher soldier, able to outlast his enemies and potentially cause them to take his place. Meanwhile, Falck acts as a medic, able to draw a pistol to heal within range with the added perk of restoring fallen teammates to full health upon defeat. knock them out with her Defib.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the best Specialists to use in Battlefield 2042 and why. Just keep in mind that, in the coming months, there are bound to be tweaks and upgrades to help balance it all out, improving the less desirable Specialists with a lower pick rate.

Boris – Battlefield 2042

Specialty Gadget: SG-36 Sentry Gun – Able to provide fire support and detect enemy units

Trait: Sentry Operator – Being close to the Sentry Gun enhances its abilities

If there’s one Expert we especially love, it’s Boris. This silver-haired veteran isn’t the most dynamic or exciting of the ten elite executives out there, but he’s a great guy for the defensive-minded. 

His deployable Sentry Gun delivers a deadly punch – if it can’t shoot down nearby enemies, it will detect them for you. Turret placement can be a bit tricky and takes a few seconds, so it won’t do much good if you’re in a tight situation, but Boris is designed to be a defensive force and can also help destroy Checkpoints if you find a vantage point.

Casper – Battlefield 2042

Special Gadget: OV-P Recon Drone – Can detect enemies (and can “park” for continuous override), as well as shoot EMP darts

Trait: Motion Sensor – Provides alerts when enemies are approaching, if they move above a certain speed

A quick look at Casper pretty much sums up this Expert. He’s as close to the traditional sniper archetype as you can get in this game. When playing Casper, however, you can become a huge asset to your entire team when approaching enemy territory. 

While you tend to focus on sniping at stray soldiers, you should instead be wired into a Recon Drone, marking enemy infantry while also tagging and manipulating vehicles with Its EMP – even if not directly controlled, the drone will visually mark enemies passing through its row. Casper’s motion sensor is another big bonus, alerting you when your sniper’s nest is compromised or useful on the front lines to warn of nearby enemies.


Specialty Gadget: Loadout Crate – Call into a crate where allies can get armor, ammo, and load switching

Trait: Trauma Specialist – Revive teammates faster and restore their armor

For team players, Angel outperforms fellow Support Specialist, Falck, by restoring ammo and equipping his teammates. Death comes quickly in Battlefield 2042, and while Falck’s healing pistol comes in handy, anyone can now equip and throw a health crate in battle. 

However, what they cannot do is call down the Load box, allowing them and their allies to load special ammo and explosives, or switch to a different load box. If no other Master likes you, you should always act as an Angel to keep your squad replenished, earning exp every time you help out. Battlefield is a game that teamwork’s really important.

Irish – Battlefield 2042

Specialty Gadget: Fortification System – The DCS Deployable Cover protects Irish from bullets and explosives. The APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel can take out explosive projectiles.

Trait: Veteran – Provides armor with bonuses from downed enemies

This Battlefield 4 fan-favorite character makes a return as a Specialist, but there’s more to him than simply getting to see Michael K Williams commanding – his acting talents will be sorely missed across all mediums. 

While the maps of Battlefield 2042 can be busy with objects and scenery, you’ll often find yourself with little no meaningful cover, especially in some of the more open maps, or need to set up a more defensible position. 

Using multiple DCS walls, Irish can form an effective barrier to shield him and his teammates as they dig in, this visor-attached transparent window allows you to maintain a line of sight. You can also use the APS-36 instead to neutralize incoming explosives.