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Battlefield 5 guide – Tips to know before you play

Battlefield 5 guide

Here are tips in the Battlefield 5 guide you need to know before diving into its WW2-themed multiplayer. Arm yourself with some Battlefield 5 tips that can put you ahead of your multiplayer opponents, as you capture the large-scale, class-based multiplayer skirmishes unfolding in the World War 2 setting.

Spotting requires binoculars

Battlefield 5 guide

In previous Battlefield games, you could tag enemies by pressing a button while targeting them within sniper range. That way, everyone on your team knows where they are and can plan accordingly. You can no longer select players through your sniper scope: you need to switch to binoculars and tag them.

Of course, only Scout players have binoculars, so in the Battlefield 5 guide, if you’re playing with a full team, make sure one of your friends is stirring up Scout to spot the opposing team. Another change to detectability is that the cards don’t persist when the enemy breaks the line of sight. If they go behind a rock or building, they won’t be tagged for you anymore. It’s fairer and a lot more realistic (in real life, soldiers can’t track enemies behind walls whether you believe it or not), so spot key spamming isn’t as useful anymore before.

Squad up – Battlefield 5 guide

Squadplay was offered some welcome TLC in Battlefield 5, as a core tenet of the multiplayer ecosystem. That means you should join and stay on a team even when playing as a lone soldier, as there are huge benefits to doing so. First, teammates can appear on top of each other, and Battlefield 5 encourages players to do so by going into team spectator mode whenever they die.

Furthermore, all members of a team can now revive each other regardless of the tier they’re playing, while Battlefield 5’s ammo scarcity makes the Support tier more important than ever. So find your three siblings in arms, make sure that the team is on top, and fight.

Build – Battlefield 5 guide

Battlefield 5 guide

One of the biggest new features of Battlefield 5 is the Fortification system, whereby any player can build (or indeed destroy) defenses at various capture points or other strongholds. each other on all eight multiplayer maps available at launch. Just hold out your hammer and the UI will show you where any available Tools can be placed in nearby terrain, now you just have to hold the build button to set them up.

The Support class builds at twice the rate of any other class, so those who enjoy playing Battlefield 5 as an intense game of Fortnite should pick up this soldier from their company. But choose your moments carefully; It’s not always a good idea to place Forts in a Conquest game when players are more evenly dispersed across the map. Instead, prioritize building when your team is tasked with defending a specific perimeter, but try not to leave yourself vulnerable to sniping.

Supply stations

Battlefield 5 guide

As the Battlefield 5 guide, when you spawn, you don’t start with a lot of ammo. If you’ve been into a lot of commits right from the start, you’ll run out of ammo quickly. Watch out for the supply stations – at the beginning of each life, they give you more ammo than you’re carrying.

They’re not just for ammunition, either. Health doesn’t auto-renew in the same way as it did in previous Battlefield games, so you’ll need to rely on medics giving you health packs, or you can regenerate health yourself at a resupply station. There’s only one number on each map, so make sure you note down the location of each map if you need to restore it.