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BattleTech Guide – Useful Tips And Tricks For Beginners


Battletech is a turn-based strategy game where you command a Lance of Mechs that dashes through cannons, missiles, and lasers in combat against enemies with the same arsenal of weapons. In the hands of a novice, these battles can be a grueling slug match, with each player denying their opponent’s Mechs armor until something explodes.

Assembling Lance

The group of Mechs you join the battle is called a lance, and while you can lose up to four mechs with you there’s nothing stopping you from losing less. The main limitation is your dropship carrying capacity – it has a limit to the payload of Mechs it can hold. 


This is to prevent you from losing four towering Mechs attack classes into battle. If you want to engage in an attacking mech, you’ll have to fill the rest of your lance with lighter layers.

There are four MECH classes in Battletech: light, medium, heavy, and offensive. Although, it’s not as simple as light mechs being recon units and attacking mechs being heavy hitters. 

You can kit a light mesh shirt off with a set of flamers so it can jump around the heavier mechs burning their pilot. You can also have a heavy mech low on armor but heavy on support weapons that you have to keep behind the battle lines.

Pilot Skills – Battletech 

While on the topic of skills, there is a wide range of abilities your Mech pilots can learn as they gain experience in battle. For example, lock the sensor, but also have the ability to shoot at multiple targets in the pilot’s shooting arc, or to get a defensive bonus whenever you choose to keep the Mech stationary for a turn.

One of the more powerful abilities you can learn is a passive skill that allows your pilot to advance to an initiative stage. In fact, when two Mech Assaults are sizing each other, if one of the pilots has Tactical Master they will be captured first, an advantage that can win the battle.

Stability – Battletech 


Battle Mechs are huge machines in Battletech, standing taller than multi-story buildings, and with that grandeur comes a high center of gravity – something a canny tactician can exploit. If you can hit the Mech with enough high-impact attacks, you can knock it off, making it unstable and unable to sprint or use its jumping jet. Keep shooting there and you can even flip it, causing a collision, sometimes enough to kill the pilot inside.

To achieve Mech stability, you want to use high-impact weapons: Ballistic weapons and rockets are best, although some energy weapons like PPC can also work.

When you attack a knocked Mech, you might call it Snapshot, which focuses your attacks on specific parts of the machine. This is a great way to make a quick mech out quickly – knock it on the floor with a rocket and then blow its leg so it can’t get up again. However, you have to be quick about it, as Mechs only get knocked down until their next turn.

Managing Mercs


Most of your time in Battletech is spent on the battlefield but there is another aspect to the game, essentially, a management SIM. You are the mercenary outfit manager, and like any manager, you have to keep the company solvent, find clients, negotiate contracts, keep your employees happy, and maintain the office. your. This is just your customers fighting nation-states, your employees are tough soldiers, and your offices are a giant spaceship.

All your decisions come down to one number: who goes your monthly. Every month you have to pay the pilot’s salary and maintenance costs for your Mechs and your ship. This could easily run to over half a million credits – though, if you’re short on cash, you could pay less at a lower morale cost. 

You will have to take on contracts to earn money to keep people getting paid. They were powered by customers who needed a bit of muscle – miners wanted an escort, governments wanted to launch a rebellion, merchants wanted to scare off pirates.