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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Bedman Special Moves, Instant Kill



Bedman is a cunning and versatile character, he thrives as he is able to engage opponents on his own with the help of his unique mechanic Deja-Vu. Whenever he performed a special move, he left a stamp on the stage that could be used to create shadow copies to mimic the special move that created them. They can be used for localization or lockdown with the frightening effect but can be destroyed by an opponent’s attacks.

Bedman Playstyle


He specializes in annoying opponents when making mistakes, complemented by his unique seal-based attack that can be used for both okizeme and neutral situations.

Special Moves


Task A

A slow but annoying bullet, hit twice, once on the way forward and once on the way back.

Task A’

Works just like Task A, except it starts up much slower. When hit or blocked, Mission A ‘will cancel whatever Bedman is currently doing (unless it’s an overdose motor) and teleport him to where the ball makes contact with the opponent.

Task B

A good combo ender. Easily combine multiple validation hits. Instant Air Quest B retrieves much faster than the ground version.

Task C

One of his typical ender combos deals good damage and kills. Access on top on the way down.

Déjà Vu

All his special moves put a seal on the stage allowing him to “replay” the same special move from that position, creating a ghost of himself to perform the attack. corresponding.

  • Task A: If Mission A creates a seal done in the air, the Deja Vu version will follow the same pattern of the ground sweep.
  • Task A’: If Mission A ‘creates a seal done in the air, the Deja Vu version will follow the same pattern of the ground sweep.
  • Task B: Deja-Vu Task B was his fastest Deja Vu replay, it hit 4 times and had a huge hitbox. Very useful for controlling space and locking.
  • Task C: Deja-vu Task C covers a huge vertical void and is extremely suppressing in the corner.

Air Movement

Bedman lacks the traditional air conditioning system, what he has is a ‘hovering’ state from which he can dash in any of the eight directions.

Ground Movement

He has the fastest walking speed in the game. He can crawl forward and back with 3 and 1 respectively. He tensed up as quickly as he walked when he crawled.

Bedman Instant Kill

Theatre of Pain

  • Expressed in Hellfire
  • Uses his 6H’s animation, but doesn’t teleport as the old 6H did. The very poor range around. You will never incorporate this into this.
  • The landing will cause Bedman to show opponents an embarrassing or unfortunate memory. Then he continued to pop out as usual.
  • You have a lot of methods for this landing with the use of combos Deja Vu, 5D, and Sinusoidal Helios. Remember your opponent must be in an instant kill if you want to combine
  • Incorporating it from Hemi Jack’s dizziness is NOT an option, it puts you too far from choosing to use it before the player exits from a daze. If you’re completely stressed out under IK conditions go for a Roman Canceling Deja Vus or Blitz Shield.