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Things to know before playing Age Of Empires 4

Age Of Empires 4

Since Age Of Empires 4 came out last week, it has received rave reviews from fans as well as critics. It’s an incredible return to the series, and it’s no surprise that tens of thousands of people have flocked to the game on Steam. That said, it’s been 16 years since the last main Age Of Empires title came out in 2005. With such a long gap, the strategy game, for many people (including me), will be the ultimate experience their first experience with franchising.

Avoid leaving units idle

The biggest sin you can commit in an RTS game is leaving something idle – in Age Of Empires 4, this is no different. Whether there’s a lazy villager sitting there doing nothing or you have a building that doesn’t kill warriors at an alarming rate, leaving something idle can lead to a slow defeat. slow and boring.

Age Of Empires 4

Making sure you’re constantly increasing your reserves – recruiting troops and gathering resources to do so – is key to staying motivated in any AOE4 match or campaign. Easy said. than doing – micromanaging all aspects of your empire is a challenging task – but making sure you’re always using villagers and recruiting villagers is crucial to either creating an advantage or serving after a terrible failure.

Utilise faction’s unique traits – Age Of Empires 4

In AOE4, each civilization has a distinct set of characteristics that set them apart. This can range from powerful infantry units to special buildings that provide handy bonuses. Before playing as a faction, take a moment to read their abilities and get a handle on them.

At a particular level of the Moscow campaign, besieging an enemy city took so long that we literally exhausted every single gold mine on the map. With no means to pay for higher-level units, I started to lose positions and eventually lost the battle. In my next move, I made good use of Rus’ hunting cabins to make sure we kept a steady supply of gold – and then had no problem grabbing a win.

From Rus’ bounty to evil English long Bow, determine what your faction excels at and make good use of those abilities – the key is to gain the upper hand.

Take time to play tutorial

For some of you, being asked to patiently sit through the tutorial goes against every exit button instinct you have. It’s fair – a lot of games will teach you as you go on – but Age Of Empires 4 is a lot harder without that extra preparation.

Age Of Empires 4

Instead of a lengthy tutorial, the game breaks down its introduction into several optional stages. The first part deals with the basics of the game (like how to move units), but the other sections deal with niche topics like managing the late game economy and the finer points of the war.

It may seem tedious, but give it a try – the lessons taught in these tutorials will almost certainly save you from some messy failures later.

Hotkeys are friend – Age Of Empires 4

Without assigning macro buttons to your units, combat will be very difficult to manage. When the enemy is close, we’ve noticed that elite units have a nasty habit of rushing into battle without permission. 

There are toggles to force them to take a stance, but they can be a bit restrictive and in my case once made an infantry regiment politely wait when they were crushed by a trebuchet in the distance. flattened.

Age Of Empires 4

To make sure you can control your units without frantic double-clicking, select the units you want to group, hold control, and press the number you want them grouped to. This will allow you to access and order all of those units at the push of a button. 

While creating too many macros can be confusing, it’s helpful to start with at least four groups – one for swordsmen, another for spearmen, a third for archers, and a group Wednesday is for cavalry. This is very basic in Age Of Empires 4, but it’s a great start for anyone looking to keep control of battles and surrounding boss units faster.