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Beginner Tips for Avenger’s Initiative – Marvel’s Avengers

Avenger’s Initiative

Marvel’s Avengers are two separate games and you can jump between them. The first is the campaign, a campaign that is really great at capturing what you need to do. The second, much larger part of the game is Avenger’s Initiative. This is the co-op, multiplayer, loot of the game, and can be a bit daunting at first.

Pick Up Daily Faction Assignments

Avenger’s Initiative

To reach Marvel’s Avengers gear suppliers, you have to do some serious honing every day. Vendors will only sell you strong items if you have a high enough reputation with their faction. Getting this rep is easy, as long as you take the time to claim the bonus.

There are currently two factions in Marvel’s Avengers: SHIELD and Inhuman Resistance. When you log in each day, you need to visit the coordinators of each faction and get all eight missions and their Villain Zone quests (no penalty for picking one and not completing it). If you have these in your inventory, you may end up completing them by accident and leveling up your factions.

You can find Sarah Garza of Inhuman Resistance in Ant Hill, near the character picker station. SHIELD’s coordinator is Alisande Morales and you can find her on the Helicarrier, on the second floor of the War Table room.

Go Back To Play The Campaign – Avenger’s Initiative

If you come to the Avengers Initiative after the campaign, you won’t be at a disadvantage. But if you’re willing to pamper yourself a little and get on with the Avenger’s Initiative first, you’ll get a bunch of late-game quests in your Goals tab.

After starting the Avenger’s Initiative for the first time, you’ll unlock a lot of late-game progressions, which means you can complete a number of Hero-specific mission objectives during the campaign.

This is a personal choice, as it is meant to spoil the way certain Heroes appear in the game by (temporarily) ignoring the story. But if you are willing to do the campaign, it is definitely the most effective way to play the campaign.

If you don’t plan on playing the campaign, we recommend you do to get some of the unique campaign rewards.

Swap Up Heroes – Avenger’s Initiative

Avenger’s Initiative

Marvel’s Avengers does a pretty good job of solving problems if you’re playing with a low-level friend. But sometimes, playing Top Level Hero with lower-level friends is not the best option – you can’t play some missions together if some of your party have a too low level.

In Marvel’s Avengers, you can only have one identical Hero per team – the Hulk doesn’t double, for example. Quests like Mega Hives also force you to swap between Heroes on the fly. If you want to play some of Marvel’s Avengers’ hardest content with different people, you’ll need to diversify your superhero choices.

One of the best ways we have found to do this is to play lower-level Heroes with your lower-level friends. For example, we mostly played Thor while playing alone and switched to Iron Man with our friends. This ensures that we have multiple Heroes to play with in different situations.

Do Hero’s Iconic Mission First

Avenger’s Initiative

Each Hero in Marvel’s Avengers has an iconic quest sequence in the Target menu. Complete each series and you’ll earn some loot unique to that Hero and special skin. Most of these have quests that initially revolve around that Hero. When you’ve done that, you’ll get a number of objectives that involve your Hero in combat – such as blocking attacks with Captain America’s shield. The sequence then ends with a second quest that completes the story.