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Best Alistar Wild Rift build ,The Champion with Annoying CC Skill

Best Alistar Wild Rift

Here is the best Alistar Wild Rift Build! Alistar is mostly used in Dragon Lane as a support tank that you can use besides Blitzcrank and Malphite. Alistar is often the initiator in a teamfight due to his annoying combo that he possesses. This time we will give you the best Alistar Wild Rift build that you can try. Let’s take a look below at Alistar skills and build.

Best Alistar Wild Rift

Alistar Skill

 Triumphant Roar (Passive)

When Alistar takes damage, he heals himself for 20 HP and nearby allied champions for 40 HP. Knocking up or stunning champions with Alistar’s abilities reduces the cooldown by 8 seconds.


Deals 60 magic damage (60+50% magic damage) to nearby enemies and knocks them up for 1 second(s).


Alistar dashes toward an enemy, dealing 55 magic damage (55+60% Magic Damage) and knocking them back.May target turrets to deal 150% bonus damage.


Alistar deals 100 Magic damage (100+40% Magic Damage) to nearby enemies over 5 seconds. If Trample damages an enemy champion 5 times, Alistar’s next attack within 5 seconds is empowered to deal an additional 40 Magic damage and stun the enemies for 1 second.

 Unbreakable Will

Alistar removes crowd control effects and gains 55% damage reduction for 7 seconds.

Alistar Wild Rift Item Build

Best Alistar Wild Rift

[Winter’s Approach]

The first item you should buy is Winter’s Approach +40 Armor and +450 mana.This item will give you an additional armor bonus equivalent to 1% of the maximum and refund 15% of mana spent. As for other effects, this item grants a charge every 4 sec up to 3 stacks. 

[Mercury Treads]

For boots, you can buy Mercury Treads for Alistar. This item will give Alistar additional magic resist as well as a 30% reduction in crowd control duration. With reduced crowd control duration, you can support your teammates faster if they need help.

[Protector’s Vow]

Next is Protector’s Vow. Since Alistar is a support tank, he needs items that can protect his team. By using Protector’s Vow, your closest teammate or Alistar will get 125 shields and gain 20% movement speed for 1.5 seconds when taking damage from enemies, or turrets. This item will give Alistar +40 armor, 10% cooldown reduction, and 350 HP.

[Zeke’s Convergence]

This item more or less has a similar effect as Protector’s Vow.. As for the effect, Zeke’s Convergence allows Alistar to slow enemies by 20% when you use your ultimate. Zeke’s Convergence will grant your teammates who have the highest attack damage a 30% bonus burn attacks for over 2 sec.

[Randuin Omen]

This item gives Alistar extra armor and health as well as reducing 15% damage from critical strike and attack speed of the enemies. Useful item against marksmen who deal critical strike.

[ Thornmail ]

Thornmail will add +75 armors and 200 HP to Alistar. Thornmail can reflect 25 magic damage and inflict grievous wounds to your attackers.  

[Gargoyle Enchant]

Lastly, upgrade your boots to Gargoyle Enchant. This item increases Alistar health by 40% and also reduces damage taken by 60% for 4 seconds. If there are 3 or more enemies around Alistar health will increase by 100% instead.