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Best New Dungeon Crawler Video Games of 2021

Dungeon Crawler Video Games

As we’ve listed a few games that we think you should keep watching, you’re in luck. We have some great dungeon crawler video games on this list that are out now, are in early access, or are being anticipated by fans with the hope that the title will launch in the next few weeks of 2021. We don’t put these games in any particular order because most of these games are not on the market yet. With all that said, here are some new dungeon crawlers to get you excited about in 2021. 

Gloomhaven – dungeon crawler video games

Dungeon Crawler Video Games

Gloomhaven is a board game, but there is a digital release that just came out on PC. This is another evolution in the strategy board game, in which the player is following a group of mercenaries. 

Seeking fortune and fame, the world of Gloomhaven is filled with dark and deadly creatures. Whether you venture into caves, jungles, or dungeons, you can be sure that there are plenty of enemies between you and your rewards. 

Players will find that this game offers four-player cooperative gameplay with over fifteen characters to choose from, each displaying their own unique abilities. As the digital version of the board game, there is quite a bit of management between the characters, such as adjusting abilities, perks, equipment, and enhancements. With that said, you can experience this game as a single-player experience.

Returnal – dungeon crawler video games

Returnal is the latest game from developer Housemarque and a PlayStation 5 exclusive. In the game, players will take on the role of an Astra scout roaming different planets when she finds herself trapped. stuck in a time loop. To escape, the player will have to explore the lands and fight a swarm of enemies. This game is often compared to a bullet hell because you will constantly see enemies firing all kinds of bullets. Therefore, you must not only gather your high-tech weapons to fight back but also dash around the map to avoid continuous hits. However, if you die, the world changes, so you have to constantly explore your surroundings.

Darkest Dungeon 2 

Dungeon Crawler Video Games

You may be familiar with the 2016 release of Darkest Dungeon. In this one of the dungeon crawler video games, the player manages the heroes as they go through an adventure with a series of monsters waiting ahead. While most games allow you to make different holidays at your party. Here you’ll need to keep an eye on each character’s level of fear and paranoia. 

It’s been a huge hit with fans, and now we can get ready to try the sequel this year through early access on the Epic Games Store. The game will once again have players manage a team of heroes as they adventure through different regions battling evil. However, the main goal here is to prevent an apocalypse from happening. Players can expect the same gameplay mechanics but with new enemies and characters to control.

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance 

Dungeon Crawler Video Games

Binding of Isaac is a few years old now, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from rolling out new DLC. Fans have really enjoyed the game, and this year we received the Repentance DLC. Keeping the overall gameplay mechanics intact, Repentance is like an ultimate version of the base game. With this addition, players are offered a wide range of content to peruse. 

There’s a new alternate path with new chapters, bosses, and a unique ending. Players will also find over a hundred new enemies, two new playable characters, five challenges, over 5,000 new room designs, plus over a hundred new items and achievements. If you like the game, it’s a DLC that shouldn’t be missed. And likewise, if you’re new to this one of the dungeon crawler video games, this is the DLC to pick up as well as the base game.