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Best New Survival Horror Video Games of 2021

New Survival Horror

There are tons of great horror games coming in 2021 or titles already available to pick and play today. However, if you are looking to experience some more survival horror games then we have some games to recommend. In this list, we highlight the best new survival horror games we hope to launch in 2021. That doesn’t mean every game on this list will be available this year, but here are some expected releases along with a couple that you can pick up today.

Back 4 Blood – new survival horror

New Survival Horror

Back 4 Blood comes from the developers responsible for IP Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios. It took a few years, but in the end, the developers chose to go back and provide a spiritual successor. In this game, players can expect the same overall style of play. You are working with a group of AI-controlled players or teammates. From there, it’s a battle to fight against a horde of undead zombies. 

With different types of variations, some of these beasts will be quite difficult to face. However, the studio wanted to deliver an experience significantly more than what they offered in Left 4 Dead. As a result, having a new mechanic can generally feel surprising. 

A new card system has been implemented in which players can unlock cards that will provide new offers when equipped. Although, there is a similar system of card mechanics that the enemy AI will have, this system will also power up the zombies.

Days Gone – new survival horror

Sony’s PlayStation 4 features a number of iconic exclusive titles for players to choose from. However, Sony gradually started adding these exclusive features to the PC platform. Right now, there aren’t many video games available on the PC platform which is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. 

On the limited list are Days Gone. This brand new IP follows a former gang biker named Deacon, who managed to survive the pandemic that turned a lot of humanity into mindless zombies. Now, what is left of humanity has to rely on many smaller faction towns. 

Deacon is working with different factions as he tries to survive with his best friend. Though something was going on in Deacon’s mind, this happened to his wife, who went missing during the pandemic. However, finding information about his wife is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Little Nightmares II

New Survival Horror

The new survival horror video game named Little Nightmares was a huge success. It puts the player in the role of a little girl trapped in a mysterious but hostile world. Featuring giant humanoid figures seeking to end the child’s life, players are working to escape this larger-than-life world and find freedom. Without spoiling the story, there is a sequel that sees the arrival of a new character. We have another hostile world to deal with and it’s equally creepy. 

These games are mostly jigsaw puzzles with lots of puzzles. However, you are constantly working against the clock as enemies are wandering around, making you invisible but dashing off to make a daring escape from one hostile area to the next. If you want another unsettling game for the Halloween season, this one is easy to control, even if you’re playing against someone who isn’t the most important player.

Resident Evil Village

New Survival Horror

Resident Evil Village is the latest installment of the series. This new survival horror game takes place after Resident Evil 7, where players will play as Ethan Winters. Ethan turns his world upside down after Chris Redfield arrived and that plunges him into a world full of trauma. 

Now Ethan is stuck in a remote village as he sets out to search for Chris Redfield and hopes to get some answers as to what’s going on. Just like previous games, Resident Evil Village has many explorations, puzzles, and of course bosses to take down. However, there are fewer zombie games with this village that focus more on other hostile creatures like vampires. Currently, Resident Evil Village is available for players to choose from now.