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Best Secret Ending In Video Games You Might Not Know

secret ending

secret ending

Secret ending and video games perfectly match each other. Maybe it’s a sense of discovery and mystery that drives us to want more – and sly game developers capitalizing on our wandering minds. The link is linked directly to the player agent and we both want to see how our choices might affect the story; Either by following the rules or breaking things down to find an alternative path. Some of the best endings of 2020 have been cleverly concealed – and some are simply ruthless to unlock.

Doing Nothing Together [Mortal Shell] – secret ending

While running around Dark Souls’ dirty, devastating environment (or whatever game like it) you sometimes don’t just ask yourself … what’s the problem?

The answer is always “yes” – you’re curious and you’ll spend 20-40 hours fighting the tough bosses if you have to. But Mortal Shell gives us another secret ending. Instead of trying to prevent the coming apocalypse, why not just hang out and snack? By bringing the right items for a bandit named Bagman at the start area, you will be able to rest and play the lute for the rest of the time.

Considering how hard the rest of the game was, it really wasn’t a bad ending. Even the undead are overwhelming the forest and bring havoc in their poisonous wake.

Wait For The Right Moment – Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 may be the funniest game of the year right now, but it’s also one of the ridiculous ones everyone is playing. And you do doubt even 1% of players will discover for themselves how to unlock this particular secret ending.

Near the end of the game, your companion Johnny Silverhand asks you who would you like to carry out the final attack against the overwhelming mighty Arasaka conglomerate. All of these options will jeopardize at least one of your friends, so you always have the time you need to consider your options.

Well, if you get to be Johnny-friendly – he’ll give you a special extra option if you wait long enough. Like, you really have to wait a few minutes without doing anything. Johnny proposes a one-man final attack on the Tower of Arasaka. And you have to do it in perpetual death mode. A life or start over. That makes this both a secret ending, a bonus level, and an extremely tough all-in-one challenge.

Tear It All Down [Amnesia: Rebirth] – secret ending

Amnesia: Rebirth is a creepy continuation of classic Amnesia horror – just like the original, you’ll have to overcome monsters on your own instead of fighting them head-on. Above all else monster, you lose your memory and you are dealing with a fast-growing baby in your womb.

The game ends with you face off against the queen goddess of a strange society in an alternate universe pulling out resumes through fear, gathering enough to keep the queen alive forever. She is a monstrous creature transformed into something almost human and she wants the baby you are carrying with you.

There are two main outcomes – you can either leave the baby behind or take it away and escape. There’s another third option if you test your inventory. Earlier in the game, you purchased a red syringe that created a meat-like mud from another dimension. This spreads like an epidemic, and if you access the obscured control rooms and use this device from a past mission, you can destroy the queen (and yourself) once and forever.