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3 Best Selling Xbox One Video Games You Should Try

Best Selling Xbox One

Best Selling Xbox One

It’s hard to believe we’re not part of the Xbox One console generation. The last generation of console platforms had some great video game titles and some good sellers. When it comes to the best-selling video game titles on Xbox One, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find the 3 best selling Xbox One video game titles that have been released to date.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – best selling Xbox One

The Black Ops franchise as a whole for Call of Duty has become an icon, and with the third installment, players have been stoned into the near future. It plays a bit of cybernetic with soldiers not just using various technological advancements on their bodies to provide more power against hostile forces or a little more agility on their own feet. But they also use robots as a different kind of soldier. 

Here, you not only fight another human on the opposing side, but also cyborgs, robots, and drones to name a few. As always with these games, the campaign is more or less linear, where you keep moving forward with moments of top action. This is not a long game, so you only play for a few hours before the end of the plot.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, otherwise known as PUBG, was one of the best selling Xbox One hits when it originally launched on PC in 2017. It wasn’t until the following year when the developers brought the game to Xbox. 

One and was released through the Xbox Game Preview program. For those of you who might not know, it was essentially Microsoft’s early access program. It gave developers the opportunity to sell video games while they continued to develop. 

That means players can see the tweaks in progress, and there are certainly some initial tweaks. Despite that, this title has been hugely hyped and console players can’t wait to get their hands on their game.

This is a battle royale title with players loosing themselves in a huge open world as they search for different weapons and gear to use in the hopes that it will make an easier time for you must destroy the enemy.

Grand Theft Auto V – best selling Xbox One

Grand Theft Auto is Rockstar’s bread and butter. They know how to deliver the thrilling videogame part of this franchise, and over the years we’ve gotten quite a few of them. With so many main installments and spin-offs, fans of the series can’t wait to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto V. 

The best selling Xbox One video game takes players to Los Santos, a fictional Los Angels setting where We play the role not. one main character but three. Each character has their motivation and background, likewise, the player can swap between the three on the fly. 

These three characters also provide players with enough content to chew on. Each has distinct missions with some even overlapping with the characters causing the player to swap between the three to complete the objective.

Fans are ready for this part of the game when it hits the market. Moreover, at the time of writing this description, the game is still very popular to this day thanks to its online multiplayer component, Grand Theft Auto Online.