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A secret team is getting weak and tired in Beyond Epic tournament

The secret has a good performance at Beyond Epic

The secret has a good performance at Beyond Epic

The Beyond Epic group stage has officially ended after more than 1 week of intense competition and the names have been determined after the competition yesterday. 

Besides, Secret is one of the highly-rated teams in the first season, but at present, Secret is showing signs of fatigue.

Performance with “the brothers” at Beyond Epic

Opening for the final day of the Beyond Epic group stage is an attractive confrontation between B8 and Secret. Although the level between the two teams is quite different, the match still draws the attention of many people. Because it has been a long time since they saw the duel between two close friends, Dendi and Puppey.

As expected by many people, the match between the two teams took place with a one-sided battle for Puppey’s army. Secret quickly showed their dominance and ended both games in just less than an hour with an overwhelming score. Dendi and his teammates did not show too much before accepting GG and accepting the 4th consecutive defeat at Beyond Epic. Thereby pitying the tournament with a place of 9-10 overall.

After the match with Dendi, Puppey continued to have another match with the two-person. They were his teammates at the Secret team, which are n0tail and MidOne – members of the OG team. In front of an opponent that was the reigning champion of TI9, Secret of course also faced fierce resistance from the opponent.

But that was not enough to bring down the “killer” and Puppey did not take too long to be able to win against OG with a score of 2 – 0. MATUMBAMAN and Nisha continue to show performance are so stable. The duo continues to be the locomotive to send Secret to fly high at Beyond Epic

Puppey shared that Secret is getting more tired

After Team Secret won with B8 and OG in Group A of Beyond Epic. Team Secret is currently the most highly rated team in the world at the present time. After they have won 5 consecutive championship trophies in the last 5 Online tournaments. But in recent times, Secret has been showing signs of fatigue. Puppey’s captain has shared this frankly in the latest interview.

Puppey said, “OG plays Dota 2 on their own. They have lots of plans to be able to abuse some heroes. It didn’t work in the last game, but in the first game, They really had a chance to beat us”. Accordingly, OG has unexpectedly taken the Techies to pick in the 1st round. Secret also had to struggle to subdue n0tail with his teammates.

Puppey also did not forget to talk about the current status of the Secret team members: “I think we are feeling too tired. It is difficult for us to be able to play in this tournament. We have lost against Nigma in a match we were not supposed to fail in. We were getting weaker because the holidays were too short. We only had 7 days to rest before coming back to the tournament turn back. We couldn’t practice together. When you have to compete too much, you don’t have time to practice”. 

Accordingly, Secret started Beyond Epic’s group stage later than the other teams to have more time to rest after winning the championship at ESL One Birmingham. But that is not enough to dispel the fatigue inside them.