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BIG Academy vs Astralis Talent Prediction – WePlay – 07/27

BIG Academy vs Astralis Talent Prediction

BIG Academy vs Astralis Talent Prediction

BIG Academy vs Astralis Talent prediction on July 27, 2021. The second leg is indeed witnessing the teams trying to find the scores to quickly rise to the top positions with the advantages at the WePlay Academy League 2021. BIG Academy and Astralis Talent are gradually showing signs of lagging behind the recent bad results.

BIG Academy Overview

Gradually ranked after their achievements in the first leg, however, BIG Academy still seems to have a great advantage when it comes to 90th while Astralis Talent is only 145th. BIG Academy’s performance and play style are also better for them to be in the top half of the chart. Bo1 agrees is risky, but they are still doing well enough to beat Astralis Talent once again in the next match. BIG Academy lost 2 matches to drop to 4th place in a row with a record of 5 wins and 3 defeats.

Astralis Talent Overview

Astralis Talent, although they also have efforts, the difference in level makes them unable to create surprises and have to accept the penultimate position at this time. Astralis Talent is also struggling with only 2 wins and 5 losses after 7 games played.

BIG Academy vs Astralis Talent prediction

Looking at the win rates of both sides, it is clear that they have not played too many maps and many matches to create complete statistics. Just know that  Astralis Talent plays mostly 2 Overpass maps with Verifo, but the ratio is very low and nothing outstanding. 

BIG Academy also played quite a few matches and only Overpass played 3 games to have a 67% win rate before the match. Therefore, Astralis Talent will need to actively ban this map if they do not want to receive bad results. In the early game, BIG Academy will probably prove their strength when they often enter very well in this tournament. 

Despite the resistance of Astralis Talent, the pistols round, as well as the first 5 milestones, will still be under the control of BIG Academy. Continuing is the advantage in terms of money as well as equipment to help them quickly snowball the match. Moving and sticking to the strategy very closely makes BIG Academy quite comfortable to control bombsite areas. 

Astralis Talent is still known that the longer a team plays, the hotter it gets. They also had a good time and closed the gap with BIG Academy in this match. But again when the bravery, as well as the lack of experience of this team, was revealed and since then they lost their breath before the stability of BIG Academy in terms of members’ skills. This victory helps BIG Academy chase the opponents above and wait for them to happen after the 9th round ends.

BIG Academy vs Astralis Talent bet prediction

BIG Academy vs Astralis Talent score match prediction: 1 – 0

Handicap bet :

Game 1: BIG Academy 16 – 10 Astralis Talent (choose BIG Academy – Under)

First 5 rounds:

Game 1: BIG Academy 


BIG Academy: glaVed, NIKZEj, Aqua, LapeX, pr1metapz

Astralis Talent: vester, Altekz, void, vigg0, Gnøffe