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BIG vs GamerLegion Prediction – DREAMHACK OPEN – 11/10

BIG vs GamerLegion Prediction

BIG vs GamerLegion prediction on November 10, 2021. Not only because of BIG’s recent performance is somewhat declining. But analysts say that GamerLegion has a chance to win at least 1 winning game in this match. They have a basis when GamerLegion has many maps with a very stable win rate. Especially they have shot a lot in the last 3 months so it is extremely familiar.

BIG Overview

BIG vs GamerLegion Prediction

Clashing with GamerLegion could be an opportunity for BIG to end the recent series of tumultuous matches. The failure at the PGL Major made experts evaluate them quite low. BIG’s recent statistics are quite bad when they won 2, drew 2, and lost 4 matches in their last 8 matches. So even though they are far above the opponent in terms of rankings. It is difficult to look forward to an overwhelming victory of BIG.

GamerLegion Overview

BIG vs GamerLegion Prediction

In contrast, GamerLegion is just a mid-range team when ranked 45th in the world rankings. Of course, they cannot match BIG in terms of class. However, in the last 9 matches, GamerLegion did not perform too badly when they won 4, the rest were 5 losses. In those 5 losses, there were also many times when they only suffered a minimum defeat with a score of 1-2. So there is it can be seen that GamerLegion has many quite unique cards.

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BIG vs GamerLegion Prediction

Mirage and Ancient are 2 maps that are completely capable of surprising BIG. The win rate in these 2 maps fluctuates between 60% in 18 shots, enough to understand that they play stably in these 2 maps. Not only that, Ancient is a map that BIG hasn’t shot in the past 3 months. Mirage has only a 38% win rate in the last 8 shots.

However, with these 2 maps, GamerLegion can only win against the opponent once. Of course, in the turn of ban/pick BIG will ban one of the two maps. BIG themselves also has 2 maps with a very high win rate, Dust 2 and Vertigo. These will be the maps that help BIG at least not lose 2-0 when GamerLegion plays not too impressive in these 2 maps. 

BIG vs GamerLegion Prediction

In the remaining 3 maps, although GamerLegion has the advantage of winning rate in 2 out of 3 maps, Inferno and Overpass. The win rate is not large enough for BIG to be too concerned. At this point, the strength of the players can completely compensate when the advantages of the map are no longer a big obstacle. Moreover, as mentioned above, GamerLegion’s performance is only average. 

In their lineup, only iM owns the highest performance, partly isak but only quite average. With people like this, it’s very difficult to make it difficult for tabseN or syrsoN who are still playing stably. Not only that, but k1to is still training every day to find his best form.

BIG vs GamerLegion Bet Prediction

BIG vs GamerLegion total score prediction:

  • Game 1: BIG 1-0 GamerLegion
  • Game 2: BIG 0-1 GamerLegion
  • Game 3: BIG 1-0 GamerLegion

Total score 2-1 (GamerLegion wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: BIG
  • Game 2: GamerLegion
  • Game 3: BIG

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: BIG 16-11 GamerLegion (Over)
  • Game 2: BIG 13-16 GamerLegion (Over)
  • Game 3: BIG 16-9 GamerLegion (Under)

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BIG: tabseN, gade, tiziaN, syrsoN, k1to

GamerLegion: Zero, eraa, RuStY, iM, isak