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Black Ops: Armada Map Guide – Best Classes, Rush Routes, Grenade Spots


Developer Treyarch only revealed a few things players might experience when the game releases on November 13, including a modified one-layer creation system, a look at some weapons, and a look a brief outline of some of the maps for Black Ops Cold War must be provided. In this guide, we go to the seas and take a closer look at Armada.

Armada Map Design


Armada is probably one of the most unique Call of Duty maps ever seen. The map includes a variety of large naval ships, some smaller ships, and even places where players can swim.

Larger ships have clear views from the upper balconies and a host of melee opportunities on the lower decks.

What’s different from the rest of the map is the navigation. Ziplines are located on all boats and allow players to quickly jump from ship to ship, along with their ability to deliver epic non-range capabilities while flying through the air.

Armada Tips and Tricks


One of the main things you need to think about with Armada is portability. Between different regions, you have a lot to choose from here. The first is to use ziplines to stay on dry soil. They’re quick and efficient, so you don’t really have to worry about getting shot down along the way. You can use these to navigate quite easily, making most of the map accessible.

Other options are provided boats. These come with ADCs that can be quite effective if fitted with the right people. These gunboats should be used when you lose control of the map. They allow quick repositioning and give you great attack power.

Sneaky Swimmer

There are several areas where you can dive into the ocean and do some impressive plays. It’s easy to swim behind some unsuspecting opponents and get rid of them without them knowing you were there.

Equip a booster set for the weapon of your choice to stay as stealth as possible, but be prepared for an unexpected surprise lurking underwater if you stay too long…

Captain of the Ship

For those who do not like zip line excursions, there are a number of boats that can be used to control the seas. The boats come with a machine gun mounted to remove anyone taking the zip and fight other boats vying for control of the waters.

Be prepared for anyone lurking in the water. Can be sniped while in command of a boat, so be careful both on land and at sea.

The Tank


Equipping a Tactical Mask and Jacket to reduce the impact of both tactical and lethal gear with a quick-firing LMG is the perfect combination for dealing a lot of damage on board.

With so many thin metal walls on board, it was easy to shoot past the balconies above where the chances of finding more snipers were high.

Recommended Weapons for Armada

This special Armada map allows players to use all types of weapons and achieve a lot of success. Here are some of the recommended weapons.

  • M16
  • LW3-Tundra
  • Stoner 63