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Blade And Sorcery – Best Mods You Should Try

Blade And Sorcery

Blade And Sorcery

While engaging and satisfying physics-based combat of Blade And Sorcery is its main selling point, the game’s easy modding nature is also a big part of its appeal, and given the breadth and scope of the mods are available on the blade and magic Nexus Page Mod, it would be a shame not to indulge in quirky modding.

Dark Messiah Arena

The regular arena map in the base game doesn’t do it for you? Do you want an epic fight in a large colosseum beneath a vast ring of ancient statues? This map, ported from an Arkane Studios beloved title, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, has exactly what you’re looking for in Blade And Sorcery.

This massive arena features a survival mode, interactive braziers, many Spike traps, and a platform in the center of the arena that provides an escape below for you to breathe. The map is optimized for good performance and doesn’t clash too harshly with the game’s art direction. However, the latest version of the mod only works with U9.3, so make sure you have downloaded the correct version of the game to make it work.

Heartbreaker – Blade And Sorcery

Sometimes, you need a little something extra to end a particularly nasty wave of enemies, and this mod is scratchy and itchy. Heartbreaker adds a new magic option for you to use that allows your hand to physically ‘phase’ through objects, represented by your arm, to appear rapidly.

Phasing gives you the chance to move your hand over an enemy chest, where their hearts are literally in the palm of your hand. If you want to feel like an anime villain, Heartbreaker is up to date and ready to go with the U10, though requires the InputSteamVR patch for all of its features to work properly.

Fort Toth – Map by Drags

Another fortress mod, Fort Toth is a giant map Mod located in snowy mountains reminiscent of those found in the icy northern lands of Skyrim. Several fortress connections and a performance-friendly art style that not only blends really well with Blade And Sorcery but looks great, combined to create an immersive experience that you can totally enjoy got lost in.

Spawn books are located everywhere, so between the pitching battles about fortifications and the trenches all in the icy yard, you’ll have plenty to do. Fort Totot, unfortunately also requires a return to U9.3, but more than worth the effort to try.

The Outer Rim – Blade And Sorcery

No game of focus is complete without the Star Wars Transformation Mod. Outer Rim adds everything a galaxy fan could want: just about every lightsaber or blaster design used by legendary heroes and villains found in the galaxy, Uniquely assessed magic, and several new maps and new game modes to test your new toys into.

Be warned though – deflecting a Stormtrooper’s Blaster bolt is a lot harder than the Jedi make it look. The external RIm is ready to use with the U10 build of the game.