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Blasphemous Guide – Tips & Tricks For You To Start Playing


Metroidvanias are sometimes known for their cunning, and those who like Souls are especially known for their love of challenges. Blasphemous combines the two into a grueling combat platformer without explaining to the player how it works. It’s a hard game not to show mercy, but grasp its vast systems and maps and you’ll begin to see divine light at the end of the tunnel. Prepare for penance with our helpful beginner’s guide, full of tips and tricks to get you started on the first levels.

Place To Go First – Blasphemous


The level structure is very non-linear in the early game. You can go in multiple ways and face the first three bosses in any order you want. However, some levels and bosses are arguably harder than others and better to tackle as you get more used to the game and have accumulated more health, healing, gear, and abilities. than.

You should start with the simpler levels in the Suburbs. Then, once you’ve defeated that boss, head north to the Hidden Monastery, finally, explore the depths of The Bronze Frontier.

Explore All Doors

Blasphemous is a maze in its level design. Every time you enter a room with multiple exits, take a quick look inside all the doors to see where they lead before you start down the rabbit hole. And don’t leave an area before seeing all of its passages – you may miss something good and it will take time to revisit there later. Thankfully, the in-game map is quite useful, so make sure you check it out liberally to avoid leaving areas unexplored.

Look Out For Secrets – Blasphemous


The levels are full of secrets for you to explore. Wherever you go, try to attack all the walls. Yes, you will look like a madman, but there are a bunch of hidden passages that will reveal themselves when hit. This is really important because a surprising amount of good items and stat upgrades are hidden in these secret areas.

A less common type of secret area that is also worth looking for are gaps in the wall that you can slip through.

Avoid Taking Damage

If you’ve played any game like Souls in the past, you’ll be familiar with the two key moves for dodging damage: dodging and dashing. However, there are some important differences in how they work.


Instead of rolling, Blasphemous is more about dodging. This actually allows you to move very far horizontally, which is both a blessing and a curse – good for dodging enemies, but all too easy to slip into another source of damage. Also, while it does give you a few standard frames of being invincible to most physical attacks, it does nothing to avoid magical damage, which is pretty much in the game. Your only choice there is to physically move out of the way.

Parry is another method to avoid physical damage and gain an advantage. You must time it as soon as the enemy starts attacking – by the time they attack you, it will be too late. You can then launch a powerful counter-attack, and a well-timed interception and counterattack can sometimes stun your opponent, giving them a chance to finish.