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Blast Premier NA Qualifier plagued by server issues

Blast Premier NA Qualifier

Blast Premier NA Qualifier

Blast Premier NA Qualifier showdown last weekend have seen several players complain openly regarding server issues, technical problems and bug exploits.

The drama began when Counter Strike Global Offensive player Tyler “tweiss” Weiss posted a video on Twitter. In the video, he and his teammates were killed by an unseen opponent who only became visible when Tweiss and his teammates were dead.

Server issues became noticeable

As the Blast Premier NA Qualifier continued, more issues became noticeable. Servers were inconsistent, leading to frame drops and players were unable to register certain events in the game.

The problem was most obvious when the player jumped. The servers were too slow to register the jumping player, which means they could gather important information without jeopardizing anything.

However, the worst was the anti cheat system used by the site.  While other platforms such as ESEA and Faceit use an anti cheat client side system.

Challengermode has a server side system. While this system can theoretically prove to be very effective, players complained about the possibility that the program could potentially prevent it from going at full capacity for the entire competition.

Blast Premier NA are hosted on Third party platform

The Blast Premier NA Qualifiers are hosted on the Challengermode third party platform, with the most recent being the first of three. Teams will compete for a spot in the closed qualifying, where the Blast Premier Showdown ticket is on the line.

The eventual winner of the closed qualifying will receive $25,000 and a paid bootcamp in Europe.

In an official response, Challengermode acknowledged the issues with its servers and stated that the members of its team had “identified this issue and made changes to prevent it from happening in the future.”

Despite the community’s outcry, the results of the first qualifying will be honored.