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World of Warcraft : Blizzard Plans Event for Shadowlands!


Right now , all eyes were on the World First Circuit that Blizzard was planning. But on the other hand, The also apparently announced plans to hold an esports event for World of Warcraft Shadowlands. It will be held in 2021, Blizzard has released a detailed plan regarding the World of Warcraft Shadowlands esports event. They already have the foundation for this event.


The Arena World Championship 2021 – Blizzard

The Arena World Championship 2021 (AWC) will be divided into two seasons. The participants will compete for a super big prize of US $ 900,000. 

As We can see, in AWC, They use a best team system where the best team can continue to advance to the final and win, while the bad team will immediately fall. 

Apart from the big prizes, for the six best teams, they will automatically have the right to qualify for the second season. The cool thing is, through this system they can avoid fighting with other teams and minimize their chances of not being relegated. If gamers are interested, they can immediately register their team in the link below:

North American Arena World Championship

European Arena World Championship

Besides AWC, the esports event that will be held by Blizzard regarding World of Warcraft Shadowlands is the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. Here the competition is carried out globally to determine the best team later.


The prizes prepared include US $ 750 thousand which of course will make the battle even more fierce. The eight best teams will compete for qualification points to advance to the finals each season. The developer will also introduce a Prideful affix for the first season.

While still active, players will eventually form the Manifestation of Pride after defeating many non-boss enemies. If these players then continue to beat him, they will unlock buffs that can be used for new strategies.

If gamers are interested in joining the Mythic Dungeon Invitational, you can register with the link below.

Mythic Dungeon Invitational Sign Up

For those who don’t know, Shadowlands is the DLC of the most popular MMORPG in the world, World of Warcraft. This DLC was launched on November 23, 2020 and received a warm welcome from gamers.

That’s all for the World of Warcraft Plans Esports Event for Shadowlands! Stay tuned for more news and updates!