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Bloodborne Guide – Tips And Tricks To Help You Survive


The type of player looking for Bloodborne Tips is a player looking for a challenge. It’s the type of player who finds a masochistic thrill in dying multiple times. Chasing the adrenaline of a boss that seems almost impossible to beat at the first time. Overcoming seemingly unstoppable challenges and growing as a player is one of the most rewarding challenges around. 

Focus on buffing core stats


There are no specialized classes to assign to your hunter in Bloodborne. Instead, you choose from a fascinating list of backstory origins during character creation, simply specifying your starting stats. 

And outside of personalizing your Avatar lore, some backgrounds will serve new players better than others. Combat is pretty dependent on your durability and strength stats, with the former determining how often you can dodge and attack, and the latter making you hit hard for physical damage. 

Vitality is also important because it raises your health bar – but staying alive in health depends more on your mastery of combat mechanics than your total HP. When working on your first character, it’s not a bad idea to choose a ‘Milquetoast’ or ‘past violence’ origin to give the aforementioned stats a useful boost.

Aggression pays off

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In soul games, patience is a virtue. It is best to wait and watch your enemies’ movements, studying them to find the right moments to attack. But Bloodborne‘s combat is much quicker than dark souls, and sometimes, you need to be annoying. Whenever you are attacked, hitting the response will allow you to restore some (or even all) of your lost health, thanks to the regain mechanism. 

Instead of stepping back whenever you take damage, you’ll be rewarded for fighting through some pain in a close-quarter battle, or ramping up when an attack takes you by surprise. Don’t try to take on too many enemies at once, because it’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up losing health faster than you can fight to get it back.

Lure individual targets – Bloodborne

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Because Shields isn’t an option when you first start the vilas, dodging enemies is your main method of avoiding lethal attacks. But when the monsters have you surrounded, overcoming their strikes becomes nearly impossible. It’s best to just avoid a one-for-many situation altogether, that’s not hard to do. If you see a group of enemies ahead, try to get in the closest range and get its attention (or pin them in the head with a commonly found item, like soil). 

Hopefully, you’ll make it annoying without infringing on the entire pack, allowing you to pick pieces of the puzzle piece by piece instead of trying to fight your way through all at once. Trust me, that approach only works if you can kill the opposition in one or two swings of your saw.

Upgrade weapon – Bloodborne


Upgrading your weapons is one of your main goals. To do that, you’ll need to track down the necessary materials on the streets of Yharnam, then head to the Central Building in Hunter’s dream. The workbench there tells you what materials you will need and how much echo health to make your weapon stronger. Don’t dismiss this in favor of simply upgrading yourself, as pure enhancement has diminishing returns. 

A strong arm is nothing for nothing unless it carries a powerful weapon and vice versa. Get a feel for which weapon works best with your playstyle, then be sure to build it as soon as possible.