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“Bloodthirster” of League of Legend and Arena of Truth is the worst item



Once a piece of much-loved items for League of Legends as well as the Arena of Truth. At present, Bloodthirster has become useless items for players.


In the early seasons of League of Legends, Bloodthirster has considered an essential item of all AD carries because at that time there were very rare items for sucking blood. Not to mention that the time the Bloodthirster also gives the ability to farm soldiers to deal with the damage. However, when more and more items for large damage, bloodsucking appeared with many more superior features, the Bloodthirster gradually became so abandoned that no one used it anymore.

The number is no lie and the appearance rate of 0.9% of the Bloodthirster (that is, there are 9 people on this item in 1000 matches) is more than enough to speak about the rejection of League of Legends players. So what is the cause of this braking decline?

The biggest reason is that this item is too simple. It has only the ability to lifesteal, while with similar stats items (such as Unknown Sword, Mercury Blade, or Death Dance). It gives too many triggers, passive or stronger stats. At the end of the game, having 20-30 AD is not as important as the strong damage and defense effects.

Remember that as an ADC, you need to have 2-3 items to deal with the damage. The fact that having too little defense from the Bloodthirster will make you fragile. You have little chance to survive or end your opponent. When there are too many items that both provide equivalent recovery and have a stronger effect. It is understandable that League of Legends players abandons this item.


These items when entering the Arena of Truth is no better outcome when according to statistics page Tftactics.gg. The power of this item is worse than a Giant Belt (an odd item). This is what surprised many people because BF Sword is still the hottest retail item in the game. The physical damage is still too strong.

With the nature of the game aiming for squads that have the ability to put strong damage and knockdown opponents quickly. The fact that you have more healing ability gradually becomes meaningless. Because your champion has no chance of surviving that blood again. In order to counter this meta, the anti-crowd control effect of Sorcerer Towel or blocking a Trap’s ability is much more powerful than the lifesteal effect from Bloodthirster.

The Arena of Truth development team is looking to change this. But the way they do it doesn’t solve the problem by constantly increasing the lifesteal stats of this item. It’s not uncommon for a lot of gamers to want Riot Games to add new features, like the ability to create shields like League of Legends into this item.

The Bloodthirster can be said to be the biggest victim of Riot’s game development. This item is not weak, but too many other stronger items and more effects. It makes this item gradually disappears in Italy again. If Riot Games wants to change this, then they need to add buffs for this item, add damage or activate something heavy enough to compete with other items.