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Blue Fire Guide – Best Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Blue Fire

We’re always excited to see more 3D demos and indie games already leading the way. From hit titles like A Hat in Time, mid-way endeavors like Yooka-Laylee, and some rather troubling experiences that we won’t cover here, recent years have devoted considerable love to the sport. this type, even if the results are not always the same. Next up is Blue Fire, coming from Argentine developers ROBI Studios. To get you started, we have some tips and tricks for you.

Don’t Use Flame Essence – Blue Fire

Blue Fire

Warriors can be healed through a number of methods but when you are not near Flame Spirit Shrine, your most convenient means is Flame Essence. Can hold two at once in their inventory, which you can heal by pressing on the D-Pad. 

Unless you’re dying, you’re better off waiting to use them. Obtained by breaking crates, crates, and vases scattered around levels, these are fairly common drops and, when used, can restore your full health. So if you only have a minor injury, save it until it’s absolutely necessary.

Be Thorough In Exploration

Blue Fire offers a lot of freedom in your development. As you travel around different locations and take on meaningless challenges, The Warrior can find a variety of collectibles. Treasure chests are a common occurrence, often with new weapons or rare gems to brag about at high prices. 

Like Flame Essence, you can also get a significant amount of Ores through breakable crates, which are needed to purchase items like Spirits. Some items also come in the form of a set, which can be traded with NPCs for special items. Take your time, don’t rush, and that patience will pay off.

Collect All The Void Orbs

Blue Fire

Not long after starting, The Warrior is introduced to the Entrances to the Void, it is advised that completing these Entrances grants you the “Secret Powers” of the Flame Guardians. As you can imagine, that means they’re pretty important to the end and you’ll encounter 16 in the entire game. 

As mentioned before, Blue Fire can be an unforgivable experience so we don’t blame you for just wanting to get over them but doing so would be counterproductive. Each Void Entrance contains 30 Void Orbs and collecting them all allows you to craft more spirit slots. Considering these boost your abilities significantly, do your best to get all 30.

Invest In A Larger Pouch – Blue Fire

Blue Fire

As mentioned before, Ore acts as the in-game currency, and to stay on top of everything you’ll need to purchase new gear and Spirits as needed. The Warrior now doesn’t have particularly deep pockets, and at first, your bag can only hold up to 2,999 Ore at a time. 

This may seem a bit overwhelming at first, as it takes a long time to get to that point. Once you start encountering some NPCs – such as Spirit Hunters or Ari – you’ll quickly learn that some items exceed this maximum. So save your Ore if you can and buy that bigger bag. Don’t be tempted by emojis.