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BOOM Esports vs Dream Maker Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 09/12

BOOM Esports vs Dream Maker prediction

BOOM Esports vs Dream Maker prediction

BOOM Esports vs Dream Maker prediction on September 12, 2021. The brightest point of Dream Maker is probably Chidori˜’s jungle position. This guy shows that his contribution to the whole game is a great deal of laning ability as well as good teamfights.

BOOM Esports Overview

BOOM Esports is gradually showing that they will complete the group stage with first place. Only 4 matches have passed but they have collected 3 victories and only received 1 draw. With this round, the opponent is only Dream Maker, the opportunity to create a gap with the 2nd ranked team is very large. Although they have not met each other, the strength of BOOM Esports is considered superior to the opponent. So they won’t have much trouble in this game.

Dream Maker Overview

Dream Maker is clearly struggling with weaker performance than many teams in BTS Pro Series. They only brought home 1 draw with Team SMG so far, the remaining 2 losses. Having to face the team that is leading the rankings at this time is obviously too difficult a problem for Dream Maker. Experts predict that they will receive a quick defeat, but it is difficult to do anything unexpected.

BOOM Esports vs Dream Maker prediction

With a much more prominent jungler like Palos, it’s understandable that BOOM Esports has blocked the lane in Safe lane. Two hardcore players, PlayHard and Skem, are always around this guy. 

Not only that, but Hard lane is also a game of BOOM Esports alone, Fbz is too experienced compared to Nevermine on the opposite side. So he can hold the lane better than his colleague. With the temporary analysis of these two lanes, it is likely that staying in these two lanes will soon belong to BOOM Esports. So sooner or later the mid lane will belong to BOOM Esports only, leading to them taking complete control of the map.

From here, the odd catch is also very simple for BOOM Esports when they show their superiority in mobility. Dream Maker is forced to step back and try to hold the resource farm. 

At this point, BOOM Esports will show its ability to finish the match with the most important target Roshan on the map. Experts predict the situation of both games will be the same with overwhelming dominance from BOOM Esports. The final score is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of this team. The experts also predicted a scenario where Dream Maker would be crushed in the early game. Their members have poor laning ability, so it is understandable to be crushed.

BOOM Esports vs Dream Maker bet prediction

BOOM Esports vs Dream Maker total score prediction:

  • BOOM Esports 1-0 Dream Maker
  • BOOM Esports 1-0 Dream Maker

Total score 2-0

Handicap bet (BOOM Esports is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose BOOM Esports

First Blood:

  • Game 1: BOOM Esports
  • Game 2: BOOM Esports

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: BOOM Esports 27-13 Dream Maker (Under)
  • Game 2: BOOM Esports 34-17 Dream Maker (Over)


BOOM Esports: Palos, PlayHard, Yopaj,  Fbz, Skem

Dream Maker: Chidori~, czy, Rosieareroses,  Nevermine, TrazaM