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BOOM Esports vs Motivate.Trust Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 09/08

BOOM Esports vs Motivate.Trust prediction

BOOM Esports vs Motivate.Trust prediction

BOOM Esports vs Motivate.Trust prediction on September 08, 2021. Having met so many times in the past made the two teams understand each other better than any other team. So when looking at the odds of the difference is not significant. Even if you look at the head-to-head record to be more clear, the last 4 times these two teams met each other brought 1 win, the other 2 draws.

BOOM Esports Overview

Surely BOOM Esports cannot forget the rapid 0-3 defeat 3 months ago. When Motivate.Trust Gaming was crowned champion of BTS Pro Series Season 6 by defeating BOOM Esports in the finals. 

BOOM Esports has the opportunity to take revenge when they meet this arch-rival again in the group stage of BTS Pro Series Season 8, but according to experts, this is difficult to come true. With this being a Bo2 match, each side’s approach to the match is very different, it is likely that the two teams will only get a draw result in this rematch.

Motivate.Trust Gaming Overview

Take a look at Motivate.Trust Gaming’s strong picks to learn more as they pick for themselves dark seers, templar assassin, ancient-apparition, medusa. These are all champions with a win rate of up to 100%. It is more about teamfights as well as champions that need a lot of items to be able to carry the team in the late game.

BOOM Esports vs Motivate.Trust prediction

Of course, if you look at the force BOOM Esports is on the better side, most of their players have a rich champion pool. As well as the ability to lane and farm gold very well. It is very likely that each side will have 1 time to bring home the first victory in this match. 

Although BOOM Esports seems to be better, but Motivate.Trust Gaming still has a very quality jungler, JaCkkY, in the squad that the ratio is high. The rate of them getting the first blood is also very stable in the last 5 matches. 

However, with a strong squad that is not afraid of fighting in the early game, BOOM Esports can of course bring more advantages. If they succeed in bringing in a lot of kills early on, the snowball game will be set up by BOOM Esports immediately. 

However, Motivate.Trust Gaming is also not a novice, they are a team that favors late as well as flipping the bets in the late game. That’s why if they can avoid the early fighting, as well as keep the balance in the middle of the game, the chance to win for Motivate.Trust Gaming is very high. The score that experts predict for this pair of matches is also 1-1 divided equally between the two teams.

BOOM Esports vs Motivate.Trust bet prediction

BOOM Esports vs Motivate.Trust total score prediction: 1-1

  • Game 1: BOOM Esports 27 – 15 Motivate.Trust Gaming (Choose BOOM Esports – Under)
  • Game 2: BOOM Esports 21 – 33 Motivate.Trust Gaming (Choose Motivate.Trust Gaming – Over)

First Blood:

  • Game 1: BOOM Esports
  • Game 2: Motivate.Trust Gaming

First 10 kill points:

  • Game 1: BOOM Esports
  • Game 2: Motivate.Trust Gaming


BOOM Esports: JaCkkY,   Q, Fearless,  Masaros,  LionaX

Motivate.Trust Gaming: Skem,  Mikoto, Yopaj,  Fbz,   Hyde-