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Borderlands 3 guide – Tips for you before playing the game

Borderlands 3 guide

Our tips in the Borderlands 3 guide are guaranteed to help you navigate the vast campaign filled with monsters, guns, secrets, and more. There’s a lot to be had from this array of solar system-sized discoverable planets and their characters and heavy weapons. So let our 3 Borderlands tips make it easier for you and help you through some of the more difficult problems and decisions you may face.

Check for alternate fire modes

A new feature for Borderlands 3 guide is the addition of alternate firing modes for some of the guns in the game’s arsenal, but you can easily forget to take advantage of them or miss them altogether. Whenever you equip a new weapon, be sure to check its description from your inventory to find out if it has any alternate fire modes and what each of these modes does.

Borderlands 3 guide

You’ll then be able to switch between the two modes at any time with the D-Pad but substitute wisely. For example, if a sniper rifle has corrosive and shock damage, make sure to deploy the first gun against cyborg enemy types and the latter against any shielded enemies, as These different elements work best with their respective materials. Pay attention, switch wisely and often, and you’ll find Borderlands 3’s battle a lot more manageable.

Research for character builds

As is common practice for Borderlands, each of the four playable Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 has a set of skill trees that can be invested and customized as you level up throughout the campaign. 

However, Gearbox has put every Vault Hunter skill tree online through its website, and the Borderlands community has had to work to find the best and most enjoyable builds for each hero, hence the total Put them all together in one mega-thread for your reference on Reddit.

Take a look at the Dual Salamander Moze, for example, which puts a full emphasis on character damage against ‘shoot first, question later’ gameplay. Also, there’s the Perma Invisible Crit Fl4K; a build for Borderlands 3’s new Hunter class that is all about stealth and takedowns. Ideal for snipers, as it essentially allows the player to stay invisible for as long as possible while taking down take some serious critical hits. 

So as the Borderlands 3 guide, before you jump into Borderlands 3, check it out online (or at our own skill tree guide below), find a build that works for you, and start investing those perks one at a time. reasonable way.

Destructible environments – Borderlands 3 guide

Borderlands isn’t a stealth shooter anyway, but it should be noted that certain objects and environments in Borderlands 3 can be shot through or completely destroyed with bullets and explosives, leaving enemies with fewer hiding places.

Borderlands 3 guide

The flip side to that destructive ability, of course, is that your Vault Hunter will also have less workable space to recover from, as enemies will be as good at destroying your hide as you are in theirs. 

With that in mind, it’s best to move around in Borderlands 3, with clever forward positions often being the best strategy for combat, but if an enemy is obsessed with a hiding spot that’s starting to finish you off, then a simple grenade throw will easily do the quick job of their defense.

Spice up co-op – Borderlands 3 guide

Gearbox made a big and dancing song about the fact that loot settings are now segregated between players during co-op in Borderlands 3, meaning you won’t have to share the loot with friends and strangers (online or in split-screen locally), while leveling also ensures less experienced Vault Hunters can team up with friends further afield without worry about being overloaded.

Borderlands 3 guide

However, if you’re looking to add a competitive edge to your Borderlands war, or simply want to keep things the old-fashioned way, you can disable both looting and level scaling from the main menu. of the game with Cooperative Mode. 

You’ll be fighting each other for the best Borderlands 3 weapons, and any Vault Hunters that can’t keep up with your friend’s progress will have a tough fight in survival shootouts, but if you want a little more challenge in your multiplayer sessions, feel free to activate it as soon as you want.