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Brame vs Khan Prediction – Champions League – 11/09

Brame vs Khan Prediction

Brame vs Khan Prediction

Brame vs Khan prediction on November 09, 2021. In terms of the squad, even Brame is more appreciated than Khan in many aspects. Just considering the jungle position they have for themselves nefrit with good laning ability as well as not bad teamfights.

Brame Overview

Clashing Khan in the Champions League group stage is clearly not an easy problem for Brame. In both previous encounters, Brame was the one to admit defeat. This match is likely to still be Brame’s defeat to Khan again when the performance of this team is somewhat declining in recent matches. 

Statistics show that only the last 4 matches at the time of writing they have lost 3 but only won 1. But it is not certain that this was a quick loss when the encounters with Khan were quite close and Brame was experienced against this opponent.

Khan Overview

Khan is of course confident in this confrontation. Because in a very long time the two teams have met twice and the winner is Khan. Statistics of the last 10 matches are also supporting this team when they won 7 and lost only 3. However, it is not possible to expect a distinct victory of Khan in this match, they are reaching a stable level, not a high performance at the moment.

Brame vs Khan Prediction

SkyLark offlane player has a very good laning ability. Not to mention that the sp duo SsaSpartan and CTOMAHEH1 are a famous pair for their ability to protect and crush the lane very well if the opponent has poor personal skills.

However, a match is 5 vs 5 rather than 1 vs 1 solo, so it is not possible to judge the individual skill aspect of the players. Khan also has their own strengths. Especially the ability to coordinate between players is extremely smooth. Their carries like layme or Pikachu always show that they can do more than just kill. The timing of this team is very good so their calculation for a big teamfight is often successful. 

The key in addition to farming real money fast is also checking what the opponent’s movement is. Thereby giving information to his teammates to have an effective counter-gank phase. It can’t be said that they do this very well, but for Brame it is more than perfect. So a victory in the match may be difficult to escape from their hands. 

But expecting a 2-0 victory is probably too difficult, Brame said after all, there are still excellent names in terms of individual skill. It shows that they are ready to play without fear of collision and force fighting from the very beginning. Of course, this strategy is also somewhat risky because it is necessary to have a great advantage at the beginning to snowball the opponent.

Brame vs Khan Bet Prediction

Brame vs Khan total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Brame 1-0 Khan
  • Game 2: Brame 0-1 Khan
  • Game 3: Brame 1-0 Khan

Total score 2-1 (Brame wins the handicap 1.5)

First blood:

  • Game 1: Brame
  • Game 2: Brame
  • Game 3: Khan

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Brame 35-20 Khan (Over)
  • Game 2: Brame 14-29 Khan (Under)
  • Game 3: Brame 32-22 Khan (Over)


Brame: nefrit, SsaSpartan, W1sh-, SkyLark, CTOMAHEH1

Khan: layme, goddam, Pikachu, Shachlo, Gwynbleidd