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Brame vs qwerty Prediction – Champions League – 09/21

Brame vs qwerty Prediction

Brame vs qwerty Prediction

Brame vs qwerty prediction on September 21, 2021. If we look at the stats of the players of the two teams, we see a huge difference from Brame’s side. Not only owning a rich pool of generals in all positions, the ability to lane as well as to farm money is superior to the opponent.

Brame Overview

A quick defeat to Winstrike Team makes Brame only 8th at the moment. But they are facing the opportunity to bring home their first victory when this round only has to meet qwerty. Despite having a series of bad matches when winning 1, the rest lost 9 in the last 10 matches. But experts still believe that Brame will win convincingly against qwerty when the opponent is much weaker.

qwerty Overview

For their part, qwerty’s performance is not much better, as of the time of writing they received 2 defeats against their first-time Dota 2 Champions League opponents, Creepwave and Galactic Alliens. Even qwerty’s form is not as good as Brame’s when they own 17 consecutive losses. With the current performance, it is hard to expect them to do anything unexpected when the opponent is also hungry to end the losing streak.

Brame vs qwerty Prediction

The bright spot of qwerty can be mentioned that the 3 airu-Fezor-Petru44o has a very good total combat ability. But to do that they must accumulate resources to have a good enough amount of equipment.

Meanwhile, the ability to farm money poorly and not even fight well, in the beginning, makes qwerty in a difficult position. They cannot actively seek the enemy, but also have to take care of the forest that can attack at any time. Brame definitely doesn’t want to let the opponent flip the table. So he will be interested in the jungle position of Kom4rt who is said to have the best ability qwerty. 

They will maintain a high push position to take away the turret’s health as well as be more flexible in switching to support other routes. In the event that he can’t win too much advantage to snowball the opponent. Brame also shows that he is ready to enter long matches with two outstanding carries, Focus- and W1sh-. 

Basically, Brame is still a team with many heavyweight names, but their current form is too low to be underestimated. Therefore, Brame will not miss the opportunity to regain confidence when facing a team much weaker than him like qwerty. An overwhelming victory is what experts predict about this match. The score of 2-0 in favor of Brame is considered to be the most reasonable when qwerty is not only weak. But his performance is unknown with his long losing streak.

Brame vs qwerty Bet Prediction

Brame vs qwerty total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Brame 1 – 0 qwerty
  • Game 2: Brame 1 – 0 qwerty

Total score 2-0 (Brame won the handicap 1.5)

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Brame
  • Game 2: Brame

Total Kill Points:

  • Game 1: Brame 27-13 qwerty (Under)
  • Game 2: Brame 32-18 qwerty (Over)


Brame: Focus-, SsaSpartan, W1sh-,  SkyLark, CTOMAHEH1

qwerty: Kom4rt,  Fezor, USHUSHUSH,  airu, Petru44o