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Brame vs SFD Gaming Prediction – ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2021 – 04/02

Brame vs SFD Gaming prediction

Brame vs SFD Gaming prediction

Brame vs SFD Gaming prediction on April 02, 2021. So far Brame’s players have gone through four matches in this ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2021 group stage but have yet to bring themselves a real victory.

Brame Overview

With a record of three draws and one loss, Brame has indeed made their fans disappointed. Obviously, with this achievement, Brame could not have a favorable position on the rankings. They are currently only fourth in their group and this position is not enough for Brame to secure a ticket to the playoffs.

Brame vs SFD Gaming prediction expert believes Brame’s players will not be satisfied with their current rankings. The length of the group stage is still quite small and they can completely go upstream and advance to the top 3 before the playoffs start.

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SFD Gaming Overview

SFD Gaming has only played three matches in Group A in ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2021 and their achievements from these three matches are not at all good. To lose two matches and only get one draw, SFD Gaming is currently the team with the worst performance and is the last place in Group A.

It can be seen that the SFD Gaming players are still underperforming. many of their remaining opponents range from skill to bravery. However, the group stage is still quite long and the opportunity for SFD Gaming to correct previous mistakes and rise to higher rankings is not necessarily not there. However, this will definitely not be easy, hopefully the SFD Gaming players can improve their performance and perform better in the remainder of the group stage.

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Brame vs SFD Gaming prediction

Although he is not playing really well, in general, Brame is still appreciated by a lot compared to SFD Gaming. It can be seen that SFD Gaming’s players are still unable to keep pace with the tournament and play passively and faintly in their matches. With the advantage of experience in large tournaments, the Brame vs SFD Gaming prediction expert thinks Brame could beat SFD Gaming in this match and bring him his first win in the group stage. ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2021.

Brame vs SFD Gaming result prediction

Total Score

  • Game 1: Brame
  • Game 2: Brame
  • Total score 2-0

Total Kill Points

  • Game 1: Brame 38-22 SFD Gaming
  • Game 2: Brame 35-17 SFD Gaming

First Blood

  • Game 1: SFD Gaming
  • Game 2: Brame

First Roshan

  • Game 1: Brame
  • Game 2: Brame


  • Brame: Focus, Qupe, Kaito, Luft, SsaSpartan
  • SFD Gaming: Riu, Shawty, Mightyjoe, Murock, MuKK

Teams: Brame – SFD-Gaming

  • Some wins in last 5 matches: Brame – 1 / SFD-Gaming – 1
  • Some wins in last 10 matches: Brame – 2 / SFD-Gaming – 1