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3 Breath Of The Wild Secrets That Took Fans Years To Discover

Breath Of The Wild Secrets

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a big game filled with weird little secrets. There’s so many Breath Of The Wild secrets to discover in the land of Hyrule that players, modifiers, and players have spent years trying to discover everything. Players are still plowing through BotW in search of new secrets, and we’re going to talk about some of our favorites.

NPCs Are Made With Miis – Breath Of The Wild secrets

Breath Of The Wild Secrets

In early 2021, modder “Alice” made a great discovery – every NPC in Breath of the Wild is essentially an enhanced Mii. Breath of the Wild was originally developed for the WiiU, a much more Mii-focused console at the time. 

If you’re new to the Nintendo console, you might not even have a Mii on your Nintendo Switch! Miis are small avatars that you can create and use in the game. The best part about knowing that the Mii system is basically used to create NPCs in Breath of the Wild is that modders can actually import Miis into the BoTt, creating your own BotW character!

Alice, the modder who discovered all of this, even has a commission for Mii Import so you can see your little avatar in all their Breath of the Wild glory. If you take a close look at the other NPCs in the game, you’ll inevitably start to notice some very specific hairstyles and facial expressions… just recreated in a shaded style. We have to admit, after playing this game for over 150 hours, we never realized this one of the Breath Of The Wild secrets.

You Can Feed Squirrels! – Breath Of The Wild secrets

Breath Of The Wild Secrets

This is one of the Breath Of The Wild secrets that we can’t believe we didn’t discover sooner. In Breath of the Wild, you can drop food on the ground and feed it to your dog for their approval. Feeding your dog will make them like you so much, they’ll even lead you to a treasure buried nearby! But dogs aren’t the only animals you can keep. Squirrels will happily chew on what you drop – but they’re even pickier. To see a happy squirrel, you need to feed it with an acorn. The description of acorn even alludes to the fact that squirrels may just eat these snacks!

This is just one of those little, minute details that most of us would never notice. The squirrel completely has a special eating animation – the tail jumps and the squirrel chops down. Squirrels aren’t nearly as helpful as dogs, so don’t expect anything in return. Now we’re wondering what other animals have special animations we haven’t seen? Can you make friends with ostriches?

And speaking of weird animals in Breath of the Wild, did you even know about Blurpee? They are weird bunnies-owls-butterflies, they will drop rupees when you attack.

Underwater Is Incredibly Detailed Too

Breath Of The Wild Secrets

You can’t swim underwater in Breath of the Wild, but no one told the artists at Nintendo that. By editing and using the in-game camera, we were able to get a bird’s-eye view of what Hyrule’s underwater world might look like. 

And its astonishing detail – full of coral reefs, seaweed, and rock formations that cover almost every inch of the water. It’s a wonderful sight, even better if you can swim in the water. That leaves us with an obvious question – was it originally intended for BotW to swim underwater?

Maybe BotW 2 will introduce some underwater adventures along with flying in the sky. Or maybe this is just for some sweet seaside aesthetic. You can see all these reefs and rocks from the beautifully clear waters in this part of the map. You can’t see perfect clarity here, but the hints are there. It just shows the extreme detail that the artists put into every aspect of this game.