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How to unlock Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Brewster in Animal Crossing

Brewster in Animal Crossing

Brewster in Animal Crossing, the pigeon barista, has finally joined the Animal Crossing: New Horizons roster, as part of the big 2.0 update. He manages a café called The Roost, found in your island’s museum. The article will show you how to unlock him and The Roost and explain who Brewster is.

Brewster in Animal Crossing

Brewster is a kind-hearted pigeon who runs The Roost, a cafe often found in museums. He loves collecting gyros and making the perfect cup of coffee, even offering to add some “pigeon milk” when you become a regular customer. (Yes, pigeon milk is indeed very lucky, but it is a valuable thought.)

In his cafe, you can use Amiibo to call through NPCs, like Sable and Mable, to enjoy a cup of coffee with them.

How to Unlock The Café And Brewster

There are actually a few steps to unlocking Brewster in Animal Crossing. First you will need to visit Blathers in the museum. On your first visit after installing update 2.0, Blathers will have a thought bubble in his head. When talking to him, he will say that he wants to find a way to attract more visitors to the museum and that he wants to add a cafe. Unfortunately, his old friend Brewster, who used to run a coffee shop, closed his shop and disappeared. Blathers asks you to follow Brewster, and his only tip for you is that he likes gyroscopes.

Island Tour With Kapp’n

The gyros haven’t started appearing on your island yet, but the island’s new attraction offers a clue: Kapp’n boat tours. Isabelle mentions these first in her announcement when you load the game, but you’ll need to go to the empty dock before (usually located to the left or right of your island) to find Kapp’n.

Kapp’n will take you on a deserted island tour once a day in exchange for 1,000 Nook Miles. (Thankfully, you don’t need to buy a ticket; Kapp doesn’t accept wireless payments.) Buy your ticket first and then you’re good to go!

The Hunt For Brewster in Animal Crossing

When you arrive at your first uninhabited island (after the cool seafront promenade from Kapp’n), you don’t have to hunt too much to find a dove wearing a hat and playing polo. Brewster is on the same island hunting for gyroscopes. He’ll also give you your first piece of the gyroscope, and explain how to plant and water it. After you send a message from Blathers, he will agree to come to your island and he will ask you to let Blathers know he is accepting his invitation.

Back To The Museum

While the gyroscope is a lovely gift, the most important step in protecting Brewster will happen when you return. Return to visit Blathers on the same day, and he will be overjoyed. He will say that the museum needs to be closed for construction to accommodate the expansion and that Brewster and the Roost will be available the day after tomorrow. (The museum will close completely the next day when you talk to Blathers, and then The Roost will open the next morning.)

What Can You Do At The Roost?

The Roost is a new fun place for you and your village friends. You can sit at the bar and order a home brew from Brewster in Animal Crossing for 200x. You can also use the yellow payphone in the left corner to call guests over for coffee with you. You’ll need to use a picture or amiibo card for anyone you want to invite. These could be villager characters, non-resident characters like Isabelle, or even characters that haven’t appeared in New Horizons, like Resetti the mole. You will be able to chat with them and each has their own dialog.