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Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling Guide – Tips For Beginners

Bug Fables

It’s not often that people can experience things from the point of view of a bug and the error Bug Fables put an epic fantasy on that. You take control of a trio of insect warriors sent on an important queen ant mission. During your journey, you will face a lot of enemies and plant-related enemies and visit many different places.

Quests In Bug Fables

Bug Fables

Your main goal is to complete story missions that will evolve throughout the game. However, that’s not the only task you can take on. In towns and settlements scattered around the world, you’ll see bulletin boards that look like large leaves with smaller leaves nailed to them. By interacting with these boards, you will get a list of available side quests of varying difficulty.

Most tasks involve finding a specific item for an individual with details given on where to go. If you lose, you can visit them to get more detailed information. Side quests can be time-consuming but are worth the extra berries (currency) and special medals. New quests will appear as you progress through the story and complete old ones.

Understanding Bug Team

As soon as Bug Fables starts, you will have a full team of three bugs. You will need to guide this trio through various wild and dungeon-like areas as the adventure progresses. Each member joins the fight and you won’t gain any new allies along the way. The key to success is by understanding each character and how best to use their skills.


Bug Fables 1

Exchanged the actual leader of the expedition team, Kabbu is a green bug with a large horn. He is brave and noble, abiding by a code of honor to fight for justice and protect those in need. His main characteristics are HP and Armor-Armor cross-board attacks. His standard attack allows him to flip certain enemies to stun and make them more vulnerable to attacks from his teammates.

Kabbu’s abilities are a combination of attacks and powerful personal support skills that protect and inspire his teammates. His main drawback is that he can only attack enemies in the front and can’t hit leaflets without using a special item. His action involves holding a button and releasing it at the right time.


A small and energetic bee in Bug Fables, Vi is the youngest of the trio not to be taken seriously as an adventurer due to her size. Even so, she is very confident and possesses a lot of street smarts. She is a ranged fighter who can target any enemy with her Bee-Merang. Her standard attack can be used to knock down flying enemies and make them vulnerable to all attacks.

Vi specializes in multiple attacks and her secret stash ability can heal allies. Her main drawback is that the attacks are ineffective against armored opponents. Her actions involve the correct buttons with the right timing.


The last member to join the trio, Leif is a caterpillar with a mysterious past. They tend to speak in a serious and appropriate manner, as they struggle to recover their memories, they try to adjust to this new world. They act as magic users, able to use a variety of attacks on ice.

Their standard attack can hit any enemy on the ground, while their ability can hit multiple targets and even freeze them for a few turns. Their main drawback is that they rely heavily on skills, their action involves pressing a combination of different buttons.

Leveling Up – Bug Fables

Unlike most RPGs, this game uses a team leveling system. Defeating enemies earns you exploration points (EXP) and once you earn enough, the team stands up.

All health and team spirit (TP) points are restored and you can choose from three upgrades:

  • Increases HP of each character by 1
  • Raise the team’s score to 3
  • Raise your team’s medal points (MP) to 3.

HP determines how many penalties they can do, TP allows you to use multiple abilities and MP allows you to retrofit medals that can have either passive or active effects.

Actions In Combat – Bug Fables

Bug Fables 2

When combat starts, you will go first unless the enemy ambushes you, each character can perform one of the following actions:

  • Attack
  • Use skills
  • Use item
  • Strategy
  • Forward

Although most are self-explanatory, the two most distinctive are the last two. Choose a strategy that gives you the option to swap leaders and determine who strikes first. You can trade as many times as you want, but positioning is locked until the next turn when the leader acts.

Turn Relay is a unique option that allows a character to take their turn to another, granting them an additional action. For example, if you are facing three flying enemies, both Kabbu and Leif can give their turns to VI allowing her to attack each leaflet.

When the enemy attacks, be sure to press the push button to block it. A successful block can greatly reduce and prevent status diseases.