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CSGO: Instructions on how to BunnyHop in Counter-Strike



BHop, also known as BunnyHop, is a type of movement (dance is main) used by a lot of players, especially professional players of CS games in general and CS: GO in particular in the competition. normal rank matches (MM) and even in professional matches.

Basic principles for implementing BunnyHop


Actually, it is not too difficult to implement this ‘bug’, BHop is a skill that requires you to keep your jump throughout the process without using the W button (or navigation button). forward).

First, we will talk about the ‘bind’ button first: most professional players and the BHoper will use the ‘mouse scroll’ button to BHop (to activate we will type in the console part of the game: Mouse Wheel Up 0 or Mouse Wheel Down 0). There is also one more thing, for those of you who are new to BunnyHop if you do not feel the change in speed, type in the console: cl_showpos 1.

Actually you can use the Space button (the ‘space’ button on the keyboard), but that is very easy to lose the beat ( a lot of people have verified this). So in this article, we will only use the ‘mouse scroll’ button.

Beginning steps


First, you have to choose a long and clear distance then take the momentum by holding the W button – move forward and press the jump button. Then rotate the mouse to one side combined withholding the navigation key to turn in the same direction of the mouse (rotate left + A or the left navigation button).

The next time you touch the ground you press and jump immediately and rotate the mouse + combine the navigation button in the opposite direction for the first time or leave it as for the first time (then you will jump in a circle). You have to do it, again and again, to get used to when you just hit the ground you have to use the jump button immediately to continue the BunnyHop beat.

The BHop will create a longer distance than the normal move or jump. After getting used to the dance beat and combining with the mouse + navigation buttons you can start with more advanced BHJ types. Below is an illustration of a common way to use BunnyHop that players and professional players often use.