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Byleth Bogard Moveset in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Byleth will be added to the game on January 28, but we’ve got a good look at their in-game movement set. We know they are a character with low mobility and short hunting range, but most of their attacks cover a wide area, which can make them truly lethal. Special neutrality using Failnaught, Upward and Slash using Sword of the Creator, special forward attacks using Areadbhar spear, and special attacks and knockdowns using ax Amyr. Here is their breakdown migration kit in Smash Ultimate:

Byleth Moveset


Byleth jab, tilts, and throws

  • Jab: They swings his sword in front of them, swinging his sword to finish a quick stab.
  • Forward Tilt: They swept the sword forward in an arc.
  • Up Tilt: They swings the sword overhead in a wide arc.
  • Down Tilt: They swung their whips rapidly along the ground, throwing the opponent.
  • Dash Attack: Byleth swings his sword down in an arc. Shorter range than forwarding inclination.
  • Throws: Their throws are not so special, with the down and forward putting the opponent ahead, bounce high and back performing as you’d expect. Seemingly no follow-ups are guaranteed, but you can catch your opponent by throwing them up before using Up B to tie them.

Smash attacks

  • Up Smash: They swings the Sword of the Creator above their heads in a wide-ranging, speedy multi-attack in the form of a tornado.
  • Forward Smash: They thrusts a spear forward. Can be tilted up or down, with the up attack dealing additional damage. Has a tipper effect that deals bonus damage at the end of the spear.
  • Down Smash: They swings axes around their feet in low range and sweeps close. Very powerful but with a short reach.

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral Air: They spins their bow around, catching enemies in spikes
  • Up Air: They swung the sword whip above them in a multi-shot attack. Similar in terms of visuals with the flap, with a larger area and a longer effect.
  • Forward Air: A forward, horizontal attack
  • Back Air: A reverse, horizontal attack.
  • Down Air: A downswing of an ax can stab an opponent and deal serious damage to the shield.

Byleth special attacks

Neutral Special

They charge and shoot an arrow forward. It takes time to charge. Charge enough and you will unleash a powerful archery strike. You can cancel low fees by shielding.

Up Special

They shoot their swords upwards, forcing any enemies hit and pulling up to bounce on their heads. If they exceed a certain percentage, it will spike. Shoot enemies standing on the ground if they hit the target.

Forward Special

Byleth swung his spear up in a long-range attack. Perform a headshot on the landing to dash forward while moving, increasing reach. Used in mid-air was to attack a semicircle in front of them.

Down Special

A hammer attack that slowly charges. Comes with super armor that can withstand damage. Weak to grasp. Can rotate between attack and allow you to move through platforms. Launch opponents to land nearby.

Final Smash: Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven


Byleth attacked simultaneously with Sothis, charged forward with their swords, and hit the enemy ahead with good range.