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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: C. Viper Moves, Strategy Guide



The woman codenamed Crimson Viper is an undercover agent working for C.I.A. Her latest mission from superiors is to infiltrate the S.I.N. organization led by Seth to gather information about the BLECE Project. Armed with a special suit armed with a variety of gadgets and weapons, including a burner and a burner, she has successfully gained favor with Seth and is now working with him. When on duty, she is known as the Perfect Miss because she earnestly and efficiently completes the job. Outside of work, she is a loving and caring mother.

Viper Overview


Viper is very similar to her version of the Street Fighter 4 series. She has a Focus Attack, can cancel her moves – some of them even after they connect, and has a lot of mixtures and tricky situations she can put up with. prime.

Just like her version of Street Fighter 4, she is a technical character and suitable for more advanced players.


  • All of her Special Movements can be forged (tampered with)
  • Access to EX versions of her special moves
  • There are 8-way wind doors


  • Like her iteration in Street Fighter 4, she is a technical character in MvC3.

Viper Gameplay

She is a rushdown type character that uses combinations, feints and decoys. Viper is the only character in MVC3 to have EX moves costing 1 meter per use, causing her to lean a lot of meters. She can also perform eight-directional air launches for good mobility. She has a Focus Attack from SF4 that can be used as a close-range counterattack and can combine her Seismic Hammer and new Optical Laser attacks to control space and force her opponent to rush forward. Miss.

Special Moves

Thunder Knuckle

She attacked with an electric fist. This has a large window where you can fake this move.

Burning Kick

Make her jump forward with his shoes on fire. This is an overhead attack, so it must be intercepted overhead. There is also a large window where you can undo this to do the feint.

Seismic Hammer (Ground Pound)

She leaps up and punches the ground, causing an explosion to appear along the bottom of the screen, but this can be blocked at high or low.

Focus Attack

Similar to how the Focus Attack system in the Street Fighter 4 series works, she can absorb attacks with this move, but it drains her of normal health, but it can absorb Pass multiple attacks, including several Hypers and ammo.

It is also Dash Cancelable.

Viper Elbow

She performs an elbow drop towards the opponent and can easily cancel his Burning Kick special move

Optic Laser

Her only new move in the game. She charges her glasses to release an optical beam to her opponent.

Hyper Combos


Burst Time

She unleashes an electrically charged Seismic Hammer from his gauntlet to send his opponent into the air. She then performed four consecutive flames reversals to complete the movement. This is great after finishing the aerial combo because it hits OTG and has some invincible frames.

Emergency Combination

She weighed and cornered his fists to perform two consecutive electric punches at her opponent and then resumed with two flames upside down before the move ended. This move also has a number of invincible frames making it great at resisting attacks.

Viper Full Throttle

Her most lethal move deals 430,000 non-scaling damage. She raised her gloves and quickly dashed towards her opponent. If she did connect, she would grab them around her neck to shock them and launch them into the air. After that, she once again grabbed them to the neck before stabbing her opponent into the ground in a manner that resembled an electric staking machine.