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C9 Academy vs Zoos Gaming Prediction – LCS Proving Grounds – 04/07

C9 Academy vs Zoos Gaming result prediction

C9 Academy vs Zoos Gaming result prediction

C9 Academy vs Zoos Gaming prediction on April 07, 2021. Zoos Gaming Match starts at 22:00 April 6, 2021, as part of the Regular LCS Proving Grounds. Professional youth academies along with a number of North American amateur teams are gathering and competing at the LCS Proving Grounds 2021.

Match Info

  • Start date: 7 Apr 2021 05:00
  • Division level: d
  • Number of competitors: 16

C9 Academy

C9 is the defending champion in both the Spring and Summer seasons of North America Academy 2020, and of course, it’s not too surprising that an inexperienced team like Dignitas Mirage failed to do anything play against such a strong opponent at the opening qualifying match. According to the C9 Academy vs Zoos Gaming prediction expert, gently winning the first match of the playoffs 2-0, C9 Academy went straight to round 2, where their opponent Zoos Gaming was waiting.

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Zoos Gaming

Zoos Gaming is an amateur team that competes in the LCS Proving Grounds 2021, having not previously had a significant record other than finishing third at the Unified Grand Prix 2021 Spring. Confronted with the players from the youth academy of Team SoloMid Academy in the first round of the qualifying round, Zoos Gaming represented the amateur teams that created the first earthquake of the tournament by defeating TSM. Academy with a score of 2-1, thereby officially progressing to round 2.

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C9 Academy vs Zoos Gaming prediction

Zoos Gaming’s top laner will likely be eliminated soon and must go down to find their chance in the losing bracket after this match. The C9 Academy vs Zoos Gaming prediction expert thinks C9 Academy with the level and qualifications from the professional training of the academy’s experts will definitely be the higher-rated team in this match. The match is likely to take place with the scenario where C9 Academy will show its strength and overwhelm the opponent, thereby soon winning and entering the semi-finals of the winning bracket.

C9 Academy vs Zoos Gaming result prediction

Total Score

  • Game 1: C9 Academy wins
  • Game 2: C9 Academy wins
  • Total score 2-0

Total Kill Points

  • Game 1: C9 Academy 17-9 Zoos Gaming
  • Game 2: C9 Academy 18-6 Zoos Gaming

First Blood

  • Game 1: C9 Academy
  • Game 2: C9 Academy


  • C9 Academy: Darshan, Shernfire, Copy, K1ng, Isles
  • Zoos Gaming: Allorim, RBM, Darkwings, Raheen, Rhino

Above is all the information that our expert has predicted for the upcoming C9 Academy vs Zoos Gaming match. Hope those will help you with your Esports betting. Let’s watch an amazing match between Clound9 Academy and Zoos Gaming.