July 28, 2021


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Caitlyn Is Becoming A Super ADC In The Professional Arena Meta



Thanks to his remarkable movement speed, Caitlyn is becoming a champion that does not have to be banned in the professional League of Legends arena.

For those who regularly follow the professional League of Legends, recently she is considered one of the most contested champions. With the plan that nothing has changed for her at the test server, she will probably become one of the most popular ADCs in Worlds 2020. So she has nothing attractive that everyone is competing for. at the ADC position?

Other lane-crushing champions all have nerfs


The lane fighting style always has a place in the professional arena, especially the bot lane position. During the early part of the year, Miss Fortune, Varus, and Kalista were often chosen for their good lane crushing abilities.

With the attacks that tend to accumulate damage, the three generals mentioned above often make the opponent’s ADC more difficult to breathe in the skill exchange phase and thereby gain more advantage in the early game. However, after being nerfed, all 3 of these champions gradually disappeared from the ADC position. Instead, Lucian returned (a flexible choice between ADC and mid lane) with Caitlyn.

The movement speed of Caitlyn is king!


The change that made her popular in the professional League of Legends came from version 10.15. In this version, she has slightly increased damage (from 62 to 64) and movement speed (from 325 to 330). 

In theory, this meager number of points is not much, however, the movement speed index plays the most important role. So why only slightly increasing movement speed has helped her become a “hot-pick” recently?

Normally, she often chooses Fleet Footwork Rune, each time activating this rune will increase the user’s movement by 20%. In addition, the ADC also often chooses the Nimbus Cloak, increasing his movement speed by 10% -30% when using Summoner spells. 

Summoner spell cooldowns are longer, their movement speed increases. So when using Flash, Caitlyn will gain 30% movement speed, so she can run away or shorten the distance with the opponent quickly and easily.

In the end, the two items that she used Rapidfire Cannon, and an additional choice between the Statikk’s Stiv and Phantom Dancer. These items all add 7% more movement speed and especially they can be stacked together. Summing up all of the above, the Sheriff Piltover will be very safe in the early fights. 

If faced with long-range mage support champions, she can still dodge attacks quite easily with this remarkable movement speed. Or even when standing on the lane, this girl can still support thanks to the Q skill that clears the minions quite quickly.

Who will be the rival of Caitlyn – Sheriff Piltover?

Normally, Ashe would be the one who would be able to vs Caitlyn. Although she does not have a similar long-range shot, Ashe can still pay back damage during skill swaps. In addition, she can also stop her rushes through her ultimate, Great Ice Shot.

Another name that is also quite appreciated when facing Sheriff Piltover, is Jhin. Jhin is also a champion who can utilize Fleet Footwork and Nimbus Cloak Runes. In addition, he also has a Passive (bonus damage based on movement speed) that makes hand-to-hand moves with her more possible. Not to mention that the Artist of Death has also been strengthened in version 10.16, so it is highly likely that he will be the counterpart to her at Worlds 2020 of League of Legends.

Finally, Jinx. Although Jinx does not possess good burst damage, with the longer-range from the Shuffle (Q), she can easily duel when facing her in the late game. In addition, Fire Grenade (E) is also a good skill that prevents her or the opponent from approaching.