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Call of Duty Mobile: Season 13 Begins, Featuring New Maps and Modes!

Call of Duty Mobile

Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile will start on Monday 21 December. This season is called Winter War and will add a lot of new content to the popular shooting game including two snow-filled maps, Mythic weapons, events and, of course, Battle Pass.

Call of Duty Mobile

The first of the two maps is Nuketown Russia, first appearing in Black Ops four, while the second is Raid Holiday. Both maps are full of snow to celebrate the end of the year by helping to get everyone excited as they shoot each other.

Players will also be able to play with a new multiplayer mode called “Grind”, which first appeared in Modern Warfare. This game variant seems to combine Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint.

Players will confirm the kills by picking up enemies dog tags before taking them to places around the map. But they will drop it if killed before reaching that location.

Battle Pass and Event

A new Battle Pass will also come with new levels of free and premium content. Through the free tier, players can unlock EMP Systems Scorestreak and Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifles.  

Meanwhile, on premium tracks, they can unlock like Golem – Siberia and GKS – Pack Warrior.

Call of Duty Mobile

Players can also compete in an event which is called “On the Brink”. This will make the player activate and deploy the agent sleeper to infiltrate the city center. By doing so they will be able to unlock weapon sets that give recruitment bonuses. Completing a job will earn Epic items along with Rare and Uncommon weapons and items.

Call of Duty Mobile Mythic Weapon Released

Mythic Weapons will also be released in Season 13 which uses the PeaceKeeper MK2 as its core. This version is made of meteorites and fire bullets wrapped in magma. As you might expect, this weapon will have various customization options available upon arrival.

That’s it for the details on Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile! Stay tuned for more news and updates!