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Call Of Duty Warzone: Learn The Types Of Contract



In simple terms, contract are small tasks that players take on, such as capturing a specific location or plundering supply boxes. After completing one, gamers will receive remuneration and booty. Call Of Duty Warzone has 3 main types: Recon, Scavenge, Bounty and they will appear randomly on the map.

Recon contract


After this contract is activated, your minimap will update a new marker where the team will have to stand to occupy the position. At that moment, a signal will flash and your team will be detected. Each time you successfully occupy a base, you will receive experience points, bonuses, and items. However, this type is quite dangerous because it easily makes players “exposed”.

Scavenger Contract

This type of contract has a magnifying glass icon suitable for gamers who are experiencing equipment shortage. When Scavenger activates, 3 Special Supply Boxes are marked with 3 locations on the small map. You just need to find 1 in 3 boxes that will immediately get a bonus. But if you finish all 3 boxes, the best items will be in your hands.

To complete the Scavenger, players need ingenuity, patiently move, avoid clashing with enemies. If your teammates know the terrain of the map, the ability to complete the task will be a lot easier.



This is the type attached to your survival goals, that is, you will be tasked with eliminating a player in the enemy team. The mini-map (minimap) will show the relative position of the target, and to find the exact location requires your team’s ability.

After the first target is removed, the timer will switch to another target and the bonus level will increase accordingly. Just like that until the last member of your team is defeated, the Bounty will be completed and your team will receive bonuses and experience points.


You can easily identify each type based on their symbols on the map: Recon is the flag, Scavenger is the magnifying glass, Bounty is the target.

Each team can only activate one contract at a time, if you want to switch to another, gamers will have to complete the old one or wait for that one to expire.