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Call of Duty: Warzone – The Best AK-47 Loadouts

AK-47 Loadouts

AK-47 Loadouts

The AK-47 is one of the most challenging Assault Rifles to use in Modern War / Warzone, mainly due to its high recoil. This gun is quite powerful, but also difficult to control, so it is overlooked by many people. Those of you who have mastered the AK-47’s recoil control should consider yourself lucky as shooting accurately with this gun can be extremely troublesome for the opposing team. This article will guide you on how to make the best AK-47 loadouts.

About AK-47

AK-47 Loadouts

The AK-47 has high recoil, but it also rips off the player if you’re accurate enough with it. Of course, the base weapon will have so much recoil, that you won’t be able to land even at mid-range unless you have good control over the recoil of this gun.

The AK-47 is also notorious for being too slow and degrading a player’s overall mobility. It had very slow ADS speeds until a new update was pushed in mid-season 4, in which a number of weapon balances and changes were introduced, including a power boost to the AK-47. Base ADS speed increased from 268 milliseconds to 239 milliseconds. This means it can be increased even more if you use attachments in favor of ADS speed, such as the Tac laser.

You can make it easier for yourself through the right accessories and minimized recoil on this gun. Below, we have the complete payload for the AK-47, which focuses on reducing recoil while ensuring it has a good range and accuracy. The overall mobility when using this weapon will not be too fast, but not too slow.

AK-47 Loadouts: Muzzle

Choose Monolithic Buffer as your Muzzle attachment of AK-47 Loadout. Monolithic Suppressor is the best suppressor set for all weapons applicable in this game.

Monolithic suppressor not only conceals your position by blocking your shots but also increases your overall damage range. And, in Warzone, the range is one of the most important metrics you must focus on.

AK-47 Loadouts: Barrel

Select the 23.0 “RPK Barrel as your Barrel attachment. This will further increase your damage range, along with increased ammo speed and recoil control.

Some players like to go with the Romanian 23.0 “, this is also a suitable Barrel mount accessory. However, the RPK Bucket benefits more and it offers better overall stats.

AK-47 Loadouts: Laser

Your third attachment of AK-47 Loadout should be the Tac Laser, like your Laser attachment. It should give you better ADS speeds than the upgraded ADS speed of 239ms from 268ms.

The Tac Laser also offers better targeting stability and aiming stability, which helps when you’re swooping left or right and shooting at enemy players.

Optic or Underbarrel

AK-47 Loadouts

Choose VLK 3.0x Optic as your Optic attachment. This Optic is one of the most accurate and turns your weapon into a laser, especially if you’re using the heaviest / widest barrel available for your gun.

VLK 3.0x Optic greatly increases your range, allowing you to take down mid to high enemies with ease. It lowers your ADS speed a bit, but that’s why we have a Tac Laser attachment to make up for that lost ADS speed.

If you want to engage enemy enemies at short to medium range with better recoil control, then you can remove the Optic and replace it with the Operator Foregrip as your Underbarrel accessory.

Rear Grip

You can choose the Rubber Grip Band as your Rear Grip attachment for even more recoil control. This should help eliminate most of the recoil you get on the AK-47.

The addition of Operator Foregrip as Underbarrel instead of Optic minimizes it the most.

We don’t use any Ammo accessories as the current ammo capacity of AK-47 Loadout is enough to take down a duo or a trio in Warzone. The trio may ask you to reload, but you can confidently pull out a pair.

However, you will need to be precise with your photos. Besides, the rate of fire of the AK-47 is quite good and not fast enough for it to run out so quickly. The bullet damage fired from the AK is high, allowing you to use less ammo.