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Call of Duty Warzone tips – Some tips to help you win the game

Warzone tips

Warzone tips

These Warzone tips will hopefully help you see the game differently and provide you with information that can help you better understand what you can and can’t – or shouldn’t – do in many situations. By making more decisions and thinking about the outcome of any action before you fire a shot, you increase your ability to change as a walker. Obviously, you’ll still have to put work in – there are no guarantees here.

Acquiring your loadout

Using deck weapons and gear works well initially, but you’ll probably work best with your particular loads. Make sure you aim to get $10,000 cash instantly so you can buy Coupons from the nearest (or safest) Shopping Station.

That way, you’ll have your own custom weapons, gear, and perks, which will prove invaluable as the match progresses. Getting load points should be a top priority, whether you’re playing Solo or with a team.

Don’t stop looting – Warzone tips

However, even after you’ve earned $10k to get your loadout, we recommend you keep looting to collect more cash and gear. Specifically, your goal is to earn a bag of armor (which gives you up to eight instead of five), ammo, and more cash.

Ideally, you should get around $20K including reloading so you can buy a Respirator, respirator (if you haven’t found one yet), and some kind of lethal weapons such as a UAV or Precision Airstrike. A full hoard will help you win the match.

Play to your strengths – Warzone tips

Not everyone can pull off close-quarters hits with a sniper, and not everyone can wipe out an entire squad with a single chunk of their weapon. It takes hours of practice to get to that point, so until then, play to your heart’s content.

Some players are better with SMGs, others tend to play harder, and so on. So as the Warzone tips, find out your play style and own it. It takes time to figure that out, but once you do, you’ll find that the matches will start to tilt in your favor.

Do not shoot unless secure the elimination

This is a big problem, even veteran players make the mistake of shooting enemies as soon as they appear on the screen. It’s easy to see why, but in many situations all that’s done is alert the enemy to your location, allow them to hide, intercept, and prepare to retaliate.

Instead, wait until the enemy is behind less cover and make sure no other teammates nearby will come back up. Unless you are an experienced player, we recommend that you avoid taking shots unless you are absolutely certain you can takedown.

Landing in the right spot

As the Warzone tips, while it’s certainly important to be precise when shooting, it’s equally important to choose the best landing spot (ideally an area that suits your playstyle). Places like Superstars or Hospitals tend to be more crowded, while other areas like the edge of the map are usually less populated.

Some points are home to multiple Contracts (which we’ll look at below). Scavengers Contracts are used most often, so keep that in mind when choosing your landing spot. It helps to determine your starting position based on the plane’s trajectory relative to the first circle.