April 19, 2021


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Call of Duty Weapons: Kar98k Setup Guide



The Kar98k is one of those Call of Duty: Warzone weapons that is a bit difficult to classify. It’s not a sniper, but it’s also not an assault rifle. So what is measured? How to maximize its potential? We will tell you here.

Yes, we do know that the DMR is a weird weapon in Call of Duty. Less damage and range than snipers and a much lower rate of fire than the assault rifle. You often ask yourself, why not pack Grau, M4A1, or HDR?

Kar98k in short


What’s special about the Kar98k is that it can actually be played as a sniper. The damage to the upper body and head is the same as the damage caused by HDR or AX-50 – within the effective range, of course. The firing range is slightly lower than that of a conventional sniper rifle, but still high enough to be used. A headshot with this gun is enough to take down enemies in Warzone. Its big advantage is that its reload is much faster than the sniper rifle. You have a better chance of recovery if the initial shot misses or doesn’t kill the enemy immediately.

Kar98k setup


With this setup, you have an incredibly powerful weapon in Warzone that can replace a sniper depending on your playing style. It maximizes effective range, but still offers more maneuverability than any sniper rifle.

  • Muzzle: Monolith silencer
  • Barrel: Singuard Custom 27.6 “
  • Range: Zoom is variable
  • Warehouse: FTAC Sport Comb
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

A silencer and barrel were essential as they both greatly increased the range of the Kar98k. As you can see in the figure, the range is almost completely maximized. The gun barrel also has reduced recoil, making reload faster. Stocks increase your speed when targeting, so chances are fast range and you are much more agile than HDR.

Since the Kar98k is designed to replace the gunner during your reload, we recommend using a sniper rifle. The variable zoom viewfinder is a great choice. If you can handle the rear and forward vision, you can exchange this attachment for the Tactical Laser Machine, giving you more maneuverability. Finally, the Sleight of Hand perk had to be done because it reloaded ink cartridges individually. You want it to happen as quickly as possible.

In Warzone, this setup gives you a faster sniper that can take down enemies at a distance with a shot or two. However, more work is needed for multiple players. Better mobility is a must. We recommend Tactical Laser, shorter gun barrel, and patterned tape.

Another setup

  • Barrel – Singuard Custom 27.6”
  • Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor
  • Laser – Tac Laser
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape
  • Optic – Sniper Scope

Kar98k barrel combination and suppressor will increase your damage range, give you better control and reduce noise so you don’t get on the radar when you pull the trigger.

The Tac Laser gives you better-aiming stability, as well as faster ADS time – perfect for subsequent shots.

Ultimately, the Stippled Grip Tape speeds up ADS, while the Sniper Scope offers – in our opinion – the best balance of mid-range to long-range vision.