April 19, 2021


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Call of Duty Weapons: Oden Setup Guide



After nerfing Grau 5.56 and MP5, it’s time to test other weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone. Today, we introduce the best setup for Oden, a true heavy attacker.

The latest major update to Modern Warfare and Warzone has nerfed two of the most popular and powerful weapons in the game. Grau 5.56 is still stronger than most other weapons, especially in Warzone, but there are still many players trying out some alternatives.

Oden in short


In addition to the very powerful M4A1 or AMAX, there are also weapons that are usually insight. Today, we present one of these weapons to you: Oden.

It has an extremely high range and very high damage but has a very slow rate of fire and an annoying recoil. However, if you hit the torso or the head, the kill time is lowest in the game.

Oden setup

With this setup you can do a good cleanup in Warzone, as long as you have a good goal and get used to the recoil:

  • Muzzle: Colossus silencer
  • Barrel: Oden factory 810mm
  • Laser: Tactical Laser
  • Stock: FTAC XL Elite wedge
  • Underbarrel: Commando foregrip

Colossus silencers hide you from enemies, increasing effective range and reducing recoil. With the Oden Factory’s 810mm barrel, you can increase the range and control the speed and recoil of the bullet more. The Commando front grip also enhances weapon control. With Tactical Laser and FTAC XL Elite wedge stock, you at least make up a little bit for the very slow aiming time.

For many players, you should focus less on scope and more on portability, but for Warzone, this setup is a great companion. Make sure you take advantage of the weapon’s range and avoid melee (if possible), as you will be defeated by weapons with a higher rate of fire. To make the most of its strengths, try to hit as many hits on the head or body as possible. All attacks count with a low rate of fire when you try to confront other assault rifles.

Another setup

  • Colossal Suppressor
  • Tac Laser
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • Oden Factory 810mm
  • Sleight of Hand

This gun build will extend its range as far as possible and improve its aiming speed so you have a relatively maneuverable weapon to quickly dive in and out of mid to long-range skirmishes.

Most Warzone Oden downloads tend to have extended cartridges, but we choose Sleight of Hand. Larger magazines don’t put as many rounds in the magazine but come with heavy penalties for reduced visual speed and portability. With Sleight of Hand, its standard 20-bullet reload speed is just over a second, and when you weigh up, it will take down most enemies in up to five bullets, 20 bullets are really enough.

We also don’t recommend bringing optics for this build either, although we’d appreciate you might want to outfit something for foresight, so if that’s what you should use Optical learn VLK 3.0x instead of Tac Laser. For us, however, the iron viewfinder for the gun was pristine, allowing for great visibility at any distance except for extremely long distances.