April 18, 2021


Game CMD 368

Carmilla Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



In the previous tutorial, we introduced readers to Cecilion – Darkness. Here, you will learn more about Carmilla and her skill set, mechanics – Shadow of Twilight, a Blood Demon that can spread damage to multiple targets thanks to the cursed link, as well as being the lover of Cecilion.

Skills of Carmilla


Passive: Vampire Pact

Carmilla steals Armor & Magic Resist (increases with level) from targets while damaging them. Each target will only be stolen once a few seconds. The amount of Armor & Magic Resist stacks can be stacks up to 5 times.

Tip: This skill improves her defense and advantage in fighting. Combined with skill 1’s healing effect, her stamina will be significantly increased.

Skill 1: Crimson Flower

She increases Movement Speed and summons 2 Crimson Flowers around herself. Targets hit by the Crimson Flower will take Magic Damage, and have their speed reduced. At the same time, the rotation speed of the Crimson Flower will also increase. Every time the Crimson Flower damages the target, she will heal her.

Tip: This is her primary lethal skill. When the Crimson Flower hits an enemy, the rotation speed is increased, So she can deal tons of extra damage and recover HP faster. This will increase her endurance in fights.

Skill 2: Bloodbath

She absorbs Bloodbath energy, significantly increasing Movement Speed ​​(decreased rapidly). Recast: She applies HP to a target (cannot target Minions), deals Magic Damage, and stuns the target (Damage and stun duration increases with the amount of HP absorbed).

Tip: With this skill, she can control enemies with a very high hit rate. So, while roaming, she easily assists her teammates or finishes off the enemy

Skill 3: Curse of Blood

Carmilla cast the Curse of Blood in the direction she assigned. The Curse of Blood will spread from the hit target to nearby target heroes, dealing Magic Damage and reducing their speed (up to 3 targets). Adverse effects and crowd control effects will spread to other targets hit by the Curse of Blood, and CC damage and duration will decrease.

Tip: This is a key skill in fighting. She and her allies will be able to inflict massive damage when she binds the target. At the same time, it gives Wide Crowd Control to other common Crowd Control abilities. With this skill, Carmilla and teammates can be invincible in teamfights.

Skill combo of Carmilla    


Laneing phase:

  • Stuns the enemy with Skill 2
  • Deals continuous damage with Skill 1
  • Shock damages and slows target by a significant amount with Skill 3
  • Chase the opponent and attack with a Basic attack


  • Use the Skill 3 to bind the opponent
  • Stuns target with Skill 2
  • Plunges into fighting with Skill 1
  • Combined with basic attacks to deal more damage

Battle spells and Emblems

Battle spell:

Revitalize – Sprint


Support Emblem: Agility – Gift – Focusing Mark

How to build items for Carmilla

  • Courage Mask + Demon Shoes + Ice Queen Wand + Oracle + Concentrated Energy + Blood Wings
  • Courage Mask + Warrior Boots + Oracle + Concentrated Energy + Dominance Ice + Queen’s Wings
  • Demon Shoes + Ice Queen Wand + Oracle + Holy Crystal + Concentrated Energy + Blood Wings