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Heroes of the Storm: Cassia Talent Build Guide


Cassia is a ranged Assassin who deals increased damage to blind enemies. Blinding Light makes her exceptionally powerful against melee Heroes, who rely on Basic Strike as the primary source of damage. Though she has strong omnipotence with Ball Lightning and Fend, her kits lack escape options when she’s committed. While she can fit in a wide variety of formations, she gets very upset against crowd control.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cassia



  • Waveclear strong on Fend if Minions are blind
  • Great for fighting melee heroes due to accumulative attacks
  • Strong against Basic Attack oriented Heroes thanks to Glare
  • Gain more value from Healing, due to the innate armor from Dodge


  • No escapes
  • Very mana intensive
  • Fend can be interrupted
  • Any debuff that stops moving will significantly decrease the ability
  • Small range
  • Depends on Level 13 and 16 talents

Talent Build of Cassie

Lightning Fury Build

This build slightly increases Lightning Fury’s damage and is a great option if you’re looking for more damage. The gameplay of this build differs greatly from other builds, as you will usually deal damage from a safer range.

Use Lightning Fury on enemy Heroes whenever possible, to quickly stack the Thunderstorm icon. If you cast Lightning Fury in a perpendicular direction towards the Enemy Gate, the lightning bolts will also damage the Tower and Wall with each use.

Charged Strikes Build

With the Charged Strikes Build version, you’ll deal a substantial amount of sustained damage through Basic Attacks on the enemy team. The main drawback of this build is that it requires you to stay within her short attack range while performing basic attacks. But this weakness was offset by the Gloves Of Alacrity at Level 13.

Due to her small attack range, you will have difficulty constantly launching Basic Attack early in the game. It is better to play safely, only attacking the enemy when you are sure of your safety. Start playing more actively after Talent level 13, as an additional range of mobility is provided by them.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Cassia benefits greatly from Allied Heroes who can Blind enemies, as she deals increased damage to Blind targets. If her ally could also Slow down an enemy, she could gain additional value from the Law.

Countered by:

She has no escape route, limited self-sustaining ability, and a small range. The powerful backline heroes could win deals with her within range, and brutally punish her if she rushed in with Fend. Her dependable crowd control is also great against her, as Dodge only works when Cassia moves.

Maps of Cassia


Cassia can do well on any map. She has good wave shielding, great siege damage at the gates is an effective duo, and does high single-target damage against targets on the Boss type map. Her viability depends more on the team composition than on the battlefield.

Tips and Tricks

  • Send Lightning Fury perpendicularly towards the Enemy Gate to damage all Structures connected to the Gate.
  • Use Fend to assist with waveclear, take out low health enemies, or track Ball Lightning.
  • Use Ball Lightning to battle enemy Heroes in melee range or in teamfights while enemies gather.
  • Dodging benefits any time you are on the move and will persist while stuttering.
  • Valkyrie is a great tool for taking down or interrupting channeled Hero Skills, due to its very low cooldown.
  • War Matron can be used to mitigate some pre-calculated Skills, like Flamestrike or Pyroblast, using Fend on nearby minions to protect themselves.