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Simple Esports Betting At CMD368: Easy To Play, Easy To Win

Esports Betting

Join Esports betting – online e-sports on CMD368, players will easily have an enjoyable experience and the opportunity to earn a huge bonus. Esports overview Esport is the common name of electronic sports games with antagonistic properties, competing between players to upgrade and achieve the highest positions of the game. Formerly, Esports is considered games […]

How To Play Visage In The Support Position – Roamer – Pusher


Visage is a very familiar name for longtime Dota 2 players. With the ability to roll a very strong snowball from early to mid-game, he is often used for early combat formations to put absolute pressure on the opponent. Guide To Play Visage – Advantages / Disadvantages Advantages Although basic magic resist with low starting […]

How To Play Ancient Apparition In The Positions Support, Roamer, Nuker

Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition, known to be one of the heroes with a huge impact on the outcome of fights, by disabling enemy healing abilities Guide To Play Ancient Apparition – Advantages / Disadvantages Advantages Strong in a single control, strong in damage and effects in large combat Nuker on the late game is still very effective […]

How to play Brewmaster in position Ganker – Initiator


Brewmaster is a versatile Dota2 hero that can play in many different roles, but the most popular is still offlaner, solo mid initiator + semi-tank. How To Play Brewmaster – Advantages / Disadvantages Advantages Possessing versatile properties while being able to push, tank, initiate also causes damage like a semi-carry The ability to go solo […]

How To Play Slardar In Initiator, Ganker And Semi Carry Position


Slardar, the god of the sea, an extremely combatant warrior with the ability to blow away enemy armor and destroy them with powerful physical attacks. Guide To Play Slardar – Advantages / Disadvantages Advantages Extensive Stun Slithereen Crush helps to gank and initiate good combat Corrosive Haze – minus the strongest armor in the game […]

How To Play Treant Protector As Support, Initiator

Treant Protector

This forest deity seemed omnipresent, nowhere beyond Treant Protector ‘s control. Defending allies with living armor of nature, damaging enemies with twisted tree roots that aid in fighting, he is a reliable ally. How To Play Treant Protector – Advantages / Disadvantages Advantages The impact on the map is very significant (protecting allies through Living […]

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