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Guide Fiddlesticks build Season 10 – the Rune | How to build Fiddlesticks SP

Fiddlesticks build

Instructions on how to build Fiddlesticks Season 9 guide SP and the Rune board for Fiddlesticks build recombine the most powerful equipment, sp build full ap damage of high pro order increase the skillset, add magic support the latest combos Fiddlesticks combo skills in the game League of Legends LOL. Rune Fiddlesticks  Rune Fiddlesticks build […]

Guide Annie Season 10 – Runes And Latest Annie Build

Annie Build

Dangerous but no less adorable, Annie is a child magician capable of controlling fire. Even in the mountains north of Noxus, she was an anomaly. The connection with the early fire manifested through sudden bursting of emotions, although she eventually learned how to control these “jokes”. Her hobbies are summoning her beloved teddy bear, Tibbers, […]

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