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Catherine Full Body Guide – Tips For Newbie You Should Know

Catherine Full Body

Catherine Full Body is a dating simulator and a puzzle/platformer video game. Your main aim in this game is to survive the nightmares and reach thirteen different endings. Your success in this game will largely depend on how quickly you navigate the puzzle levels and how you navigate social events.

Get Drunk – Catherine Full Body


For whatever reason being sleoshed will make you faster at navigating blocks in nightmares which is extremely useful for higher difficulties. In the real world, you’ll have the ability to take one sip from your drink, three sips will fill a bottle icon on your HUD, and three bottles will fill you up.

It’s important to note that one drink is worth a bottle so you’ll have to order two more to get drunk to be prepared to pay for it. But that extra speed will help you scoop the coins in puzzles that can offset the cost so it’s always worth getting smashed, at least in the game.

Hard Save On Night 9

catherine 1

If you want to see all the different endings, honestly that’s the point of this game, then save the hard for the early ninth night. The answer you give this night has the final impact you get and there are still enough answers to boost your watch one way or another if you need to.

Having difficulty saving will allow you to go back and experience the other endings without having to play the whole game again. It doesn’t necessarily give you access to RIN endings, but the other ten can be reached here to do the file saving and protect it.

Finishing The Puzzle – Catherine Full Body

Catherine Full Body 2

Your main priority every night is to complete the puzzle as quickly and safely as possible. Doing so will give you a gold rank per stage which earns you lots of Enigma coins that can be used to buy things that improve your hit rate.

All in all, and especially towards the end of the game, it’s in your best interest to ignore the gold piles and just beat the level. You’ll get more for completing it safely than if you had gotten the pile and died on the way up.

Farm Gold And Items

Catherine Full Body 1

Having said that there is an argument to be made for farming gold and items in the early stages of Catherine Full Body. You will have more time to climb the puzzle and can easily pick up the gold stakes you find. Having this bit of gold will allow you to buy real-world drinks to speed up your nightmare personality and get other items to help you win.

But again, if you’re going to do this make sure it doesn’t cost any stage completion rewards and only do it early in the game when things are still easy.

Safety Mode – Catherine Full Body

Catherine Full Body

If you absolutely hate puzzle levels and just want to get to the cutscenes and dialogue trees, you can skip the puzzles entirely, even on your first playthrough. Simply select the difficulty level in safe mode at the beginning of the game or at any point in the game via the options menu.

Really highly recommend trying to beat the game without resorting to safe mode as the puzzle/platformer aspects are what make this game worthwhile and make you feel like you’ve completed a game something at the end.