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League of Legends client issues, causes Doublelift to lose match


During a promo match that was scheduled to be broadcast live, Peng “Doublelift” Yiliang had some really bad luck, showing how the Riot Games League of Legends client issues tends to have problems for many players.


Doublelift league of legends client crash

The retired LCS veteran started queuing after seeing that he was up for a Master’s promotion series. He accepted the match, but soon realized that his League client had problems. The client had been stuck on the same screen for a very long time before crashing completely.

Doublelift rebooted the client and returned to the champion selection screen. But his hope was crushed instantly when the ADC noticed problems with the client view. Then, once again, he was booted out and given a temporary queue ban.

He was shocked, blaming Riot for the scenario right away. Typically, match losses caused by server issues are not counted as promotion matches, but it is uncertain how this league of legends client crash experienced by Doublelift has passed so many of Riot safeguards.

Fans are upset about League of legends client issues

At the beginning of the 2017 season, League of legends overhauled its client. But over the last four years, Players have consistently identified problems with the League of Legends client that have driven them crazy. 

Close to the start of 2020, Riot developers even noted that the client was “not in great shape” and had too many errors, freezes, and lag opportunities. 

Riot has launched a Client Cleanup Campaign. It was originally a six-month project, but it has gone through more than a year of continuous work.

It’s clear that after seeing the Doublelift crash, there are still a lot of issues left. Among many other issues, this includes messages that pop up erroneously and poor communication options.