July 30, 2021


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CDL Challengers Cup: WestR wins third straight event


The Third Challengers case of the Black Ops Cold War cycle is all wrapped up as dominant champs stayed at the top of North America, while other regions have seen dramatic upheavals.


With a new competitive year, all-new tournaments are coming for the best Call of Duty players in the world. Now that Black Ops Cold War is in sight, the third Challengers case of the new period is now in the books.

2021 just began with a bang as the WestR continued to rule supreme in the NA while the underdogs claimed their first EU and APAC victories.

Over a thousand teams have lined up for action this past weekend. After a few days of heated rivalry, you’ve been coated with all the results.


The NA leg of the new Challengers Cup saw some famous names come out of the top spot again. The boys under the banners of the WestR crossed another upper bracket before taking out their third consecutive cup.

UT Crew was able to win a spot in the Grand Finals for the first time, but they couldn’t keep their momentum going. Although the final result was a 3-0 score, it doesn’t exactly show how close things were. The S&D came in a couple of rounds, while the Control went all the way to the fifth round.

It’s obvious there’s some intense competition at the top, but it was WestR again this week.

After back to the top eight, it was finally the time for Obtained Esports to shine in Cup #3. They had some nail-biting matchups on their way through the top bracket, but the amateur roster was able to close the show and claim their first win.

The Grand Final series saw a young team up against Team eMpted, who had just won four straight games in the bottom bracket. It was a short lived affair, however, as Obtained closed stuff 3-1.

Though veteran players like Dqvee and JurNii were among the top eight this time around, it just wasn’t enough to keep up.

APAC Challengers Cup #3 Results

In the APAC region, The new championships have been named for the first time since local Challengers events began in April 2020. Though Renegades has been recruiting the aid of former CDL talent this year, their remarkable winning streak has finally come to an end in Cup #3. 

They were knocked out in fourth place by Equilibrium. At the end of the day, though, it was VOID and the Chiefs Esports Club in the final showdown.

Despite losing the first bo5 season, it was the Chiefs who managed to get to the top. Winning the first Call of Duty event since 2017.