April 19, 2021


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Cecilion Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



Cecilion is a mage hero with a knack for accumulating damage from afar and controlling super in combat, just joining Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on February 11, 2020. In this article, we introduce you to one suggestion to play this hero as announced by Moonton developer on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang homepage.

Skills of Cecilion


Passive: Overflowing

Each time it hits a target, the maximum mana of Cecilion will increase. Skill damage increases with increasing mana.

Tip: With this ability, his attack power accumulates with each attack. With enough mana in charge, he can poke the opponent with his Skill 1.

Skill 1: Bat Impact

He orders a giant bat to dash forward, dealing damage to targets along the way. After landing, the bat will attack and damage again. Also, his movement speed increases after this skill are cast. Can be used continuously for a short period of time, each time consuming twice as much mana.

Tip: Cooldown for Skill 1 is very short and the damage done is also great. However, the mana cost is doubled so in the early and mid-game pay attention to the stacks and mana remaining. Also, use this skill correctly to speed him up. Using it correctly will give him the ability to escape or chase targets more easily.

Skill 2: Sanguine Claws

Cecilion summons a pair of claws in the indicated direction. Claws will pull targets along the way into the center, root them and deal damage at the same time.

Tip: This can create incredibly powerful control effects. If combined with skill 1, he can do a lot of damage if used the combo properly.

Skill 3: Bats Feast

He awakens all of the Blood Demon’s powers and increases his movement speed. The released aura will continuously attack the opponent, reducing their speed and damaging them. The power of the Blood Demon will heal Cecilion after hitting the target.

Tip: This move is incredibly powerful. When chasing a target, he can use his ultimate to slow the target’s speed and deal additional damage to them. At the same time, he is able to escape danger with this move thanks to the additional HP drain and movement speed effects.

Skill 4: Moonlit Waltz

While Carmilla is nearby, Cecilion can summon her into the Blood Ruler of the Ruler that wraps around himself, providing him with virtual armor. Carmilla can also choose a suitable location to separate from him and rush to the opponent. When detached, he gains a virtual armor and slows the movement speed of surrounding targets.

Skills combo

Laning phase:

  • Activates Skill 2 to attack target.
  • Use Skill 1 to attack a controlled target.
  • Use basic attacks intertwined.
  • Use Skill 1to chase target.


  • Uses the Bat’s Supper to attack and slow down nearby targets.
  • Use Ultimate to attack your target.
  • Use Skill 2 to control.
  • Use Skill 1 to chase the target.

Battle spells and Emblems


Battle spell:

Flameshot – Sprint


Mage Emblem: Agility – Observation – Impure Rage

How to build items for Cecilion

  • Demon Shoes + Calamity Scythe + Lightning Truncheon + Glowing Wand + Blood Wings
  • Demon Shoes + Enchanted Talisman + Lightning Truncheon + Holy Crystal + Divine Glaive + Blood Wings
  • Demon Shoes + Enchanted Talisman + Lightning Truncheon + Concentrated Energy + Oracle + Blood Wings